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Foundries.io delivers 100x better scalability and performance for edge and IoT customers

Foundries.io offers the first complete Edge-Platform-as-a-Service (EPaaS) that enables customers to build, deploy, manage, and connect edge and IoT devices using industry best practices. Use cases include robotic vacuums, electric scooters, smart shipping containers, and many others. When large customers anticipated rapid growth, Foundries.io realized its MariaDB™ database couldn’t scale fast enough. To avoid hitting a point of failure, Foundries.io turned to Couchbase for superior scalability, usability, performance, and ease of management.

About Foundries.io


improvement in performance


    • Required a database that could scale easily to support a rapidly growing number of connected devices
    • A document-based architecture alone couldn’t provide all the critical query capabilities that were needed
    • Database migration and management had become too difficult and time-consuming


    • Couchbase delivered 100x better performance and scalability and error rate previously caused by database scale issues dropped significantly
    • An issue that was expected to take 6 months and $100K to address was solved much faster at a substantially lower cost
    • Engineers can now focus on building additional features instead of managing the database
Scalability is table stakes for a device management company. Working with Couchbase has been much easier, we no longer have to worry about database migration. It’s at least 100x more scalable than we were previously and the number of errors we get has dramatically reduced. It’s better in every way. There can be sticker shock when seeing the price of paying for something, but we have to value our own time. Building a solution ourselves would’ve involved more money and lost opportunity. I wanted my team to focus on building our features, not database features. It was a very easy decision, it made our lives easier.

Andy Doan Principal Software Engineer, Foundries.io

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