Working with Couchbase

Couchbase consultants have deep expertise and real-world experience in implementing and managing data stores and caching layers. When you use our consultants to supplement your team, you can reduce time, effort and cost associated with building, deploying, and managing your Couchbase application. Couchbase Services are cost effective and can help you increase your team's skill level with specific Couchbase products, jumpstart a new Couchbase project, migrate from a relational database, effectively scale your application, or upgrade your data cache to a data store.

Center of Excellence (COE) Packages



Short on time but would like to get your Couchbase implementation right?

Get successful quickly with our Center of Excellence team who will work with you to help install Couchbase, architect your solution, as well as optimize and tune your deployment.


Architecture Review

About to launch a project into production using Couchbase?

Ensure success by having our team review your application architecture, deployment and implementation.


Upgrade Service

Want to move off an unsupported version or would like to move to the latest version of Couchbase?

Get clear guidance, best practices, and a specific plan for successfully upgrading your Couchbase deployments from one major version to the next without disrupting the business.


Health Check

Already running Couchbase in production but want to optimize and scale your existing system?

Assess changes needed in order to provide a performant, available, and functional service.


Couchbase Mobile QuickStart

Would you like to leverage Couchbase’s versatile Couchbase Mobile Solution?

Get successful quickly with our Center of Excellence team who will work with you to help install Couchbase Mobile, architect your mobile solution, develop a prototype application, as well as optimize and tune your deployment.


N1QL QuickStart

Would you like to evaluate Couchbase’s N1QL Solution?

Leverage our developer-friendly N1QL (pronounced Nickel) solution for building your applications using SQL for JSON. Program with ease, perform bulk operations, and also integrate Couchbase into your existing analytics and reporting solutions.

Couchbase Consulting Services

If the prepackaged services do not meet your consulting needs please reach out to your account executive or contact us to discuss custom consulting engagements for your specific project. Our expert consultants can offer assistance on a wide range of topics such as JSON data modeling, testing, performance optimization, deployment architecture, N1QL tuning, Hadoop integration, best practice reviews and more.

Professional Services


Couchbase Consulting Days

Do you need Couchbase experts available periodically through the course of your project(s)?

Couchbase Consulting Days provides you the flexibility of pre-purchasing a bucket of days. Resource time can be scheduled on an “as-needed” basis drawn from the purchase bucket.


Technical Account Management

Do you need ongoing oversight, guidance, and assistance with your Couchbase deployment?

The Technical Account Manager is tasked with “Customer Success” which includes use case adoption, account management (reporting, incident management, proactive planning) as well as being the technical point of contact for the account.


Custom Consulting

Do you need specific assistance or guidance with your project?

If you need custom consulting services tailored to your specific project/technology needs, Couchbase can put together a proposal for you based on scoped services. Please reach out to your account team or contact us directly.


Onsite Workshops

Would you like one-on-one technical workshops with your developer and/or operations teams?

Our expert team can work with your team onsite to conduct “lunch-and-learns” and/or workshops to educate and guide your team on best practices and usage of Couchbase.

Training with Learning Services

Couchbase offers the best hands-on, lab-intensive classroom training in the industry. With Couchbase Learning Services, your team will get the best in NoSQL application development and NoSQL server administration training. Couchbase offers regularly scheduled team training on a global scale and will customize programs to meet your needs.

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