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New Release of Couchbase Mobile Gives Enterprise Developers Cutting Edge Data Management Platform for Building Always On Mobile Applications

Couchbase Mobile 1.2 delivers enterprise grade administration, security, performance, and scalability

Couchbase, the database for the Digital Economy, today announced general availability of Couchbase Mobile 1.2, a new release that makes it easier for enterprises and developers to build always available mobile applications. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2017, market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organizations capacity to deliver them*. To make it easier for professional developers to build and deploy mobile applications, Couchbase is building the most advanced mobile database, which now includes enterprise class administration, security and performance.

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“Increasing competitive pressure requires organizations to quickly deliver engaging and data-rich mobile and Web apps. But, enterprises and developers building mobile applications struggle because there are so few out of the box solutions for mobile application infrastructure,” said Ravi Mayuram, senior vice president, products and engineering, Couchbase. “Our new release of Couchbase Mobile delivers out of the box synchronization, security, administration and performance features that will help enterprises quickly deliver mobile applications that make them more competitive in the Digital Economy.”

Couchbase Mobile 1.2 builds on the revolutionary Couchbase Mobile platform. Working with customers such as General Electric, Ryanair, CrowdComfort and Seenit, Couchbase designed and delivered new features that address enterprise needs for easier administration, better security and even greater performance at scale.

“CrowdComfort’s crowd-sourced work order management application distinguishes itself by delivering a seamless online and offline customer experience in all types of environments. The need for our mobile application to be always available is mission critical,” said Abdullah Daoud, co-founder, CrowdComfort. “Couchbase Mobile provides the out of the box technology we need to help us support users from companies like GE, Saint-Gobain, National Grid, and McDonald’s, in a wide range of facilities and under varying connectivity limitations. Couchbase Mobile’s performance and reliability have saved our developers months of work so they can focus on building features that extend our competitive advantage in the market and keep our customers happy.”


Managing complex enterprise application ecosystems is a challenge for even the most sophisticated IT organizations. Couchbase Mobile 1.2 reduces administration headaches and accelerates implementation time with new management controls for adding and removing nodes. Couchbase Mobile 1.2 also includes new install capabilities that simplify in place upgrades, making it easier to administer large enterprise deployments.

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The proliferation of mobile usage has created a need for technology providers and enterprises to rapidly invest and innovate in security. There are five primary security concerns surrounding mobile data synchronization and decentralized storage of data on a mobile device: user authentication, data read/write access, data transport on the wire, data storage on device and data storage in the cloud. Couchbase Mobile has always addressed each of these areas and with this new release, Couchbase has further increased security on the device by encrypting data at rest on the device using enterprise level 256-bit AES full database encryption.

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Couchbase has built a reputation for satisfying the most demanding enterprise scale and performance requirements. Couchbase Mobile 1.2 extends this performance lead to mobile by introducing Couchbase’s new storage engine, ForestDB, in Couchbase Lite. Using ForestDB, Couchbase Lite 1.2 delivers 2 – 5x faster performance than the previous releases for key database operations including inserts, updates, deletes, queries and indexing. New optimizations for memory management also provide better performance for nodes under ultra-high loads.

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