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Couchbase Doubles Business in 2014 with Oracle and MongoDB Replacements

New Customer Wins and Expansion Deals at Leading Enterprises, including AOL, AT&T, Bankrate, British Gas, Comcast, Concur, Cisco, eBay, Experian, Gannett, Nordstrom, Ryanair, SGN, Tesco, Verizon, and more

Mountain View, CA – January 30, 2015 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Couchbase, Inc., provider of the most complete NoSQL database, today announced record growth in 2014, doubling sales while achieving major milestones in customer wins around the world, delivering innovative new products, and globally expanding distribution through direct sales and new partners. Couchbase concluded the year in Q4 with new customer momentum, securing its largest number of multi-million dollar deals to-date and expanding relationships with some of its largest accounts.

“2014 was a decisive year for Couchbase and the distributed database market as many of the Fortune 500 deployed NoSQL to support mission-critical applications,” said Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold. “As we head into 2015, we are hearing more CIOs articulate visions for broad enterprise re-platforming. These plans will further accelerate Couchbase Server adoption and we anticipate rapid growth fueled by superior performance and support for the broadest set of enterprise class use cases for big data, cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things applications.”

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2014 Highlights

Replacing Oracle

In 2014, much of Couchbase’s growth was fueled by large corporations moving various mission-critical applications off Oracle RDBMS. Many cloud and Internet applications built on Oracle simply cannot scale to meet today’s big data demands, and Oracle’s NoSQL solution of storing JSON documents in a relational table does not solve customer needs.

The Nielsen Company is one of these companies. Nielsen’s “Answers on Demand” application ingests billions of data points from point-of-sales, household panels, and loyalty cards to provide customers like P&G, Walmart, and Tesco with near real-time product sales trends. The ability to sift through datasets quickly and effectively is critical. Arvind Jade, architecture lead at Nielsen, explains to Baseline Magazine:

“By moving the metadata to Couchbase, we were able to dramatically improve the efficiency of the system and speed data delivery. We are able to query against the index and target specific documents, something we were not able to do previously. We are able to react in a more agile and flexible way,” Jade explains. Moreover, the NoSQL approach has reduced the time required to manage and update systems. “We can use IT staff to add greater value to the business.”

Read more at Baseline Magazine

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Replacing MongoDB

Since 2007, MongoDB has seeded the market with developer adoption and piloted NoSQL projects at large corporations. As those projects have grown, and the applications become mission-critical, MongoDB has failed to deliver the performance at scale required by enterprise class applications. That has created a big opportunity for Couchbase. In 2014, Couchbase saw a spike in MongoDB replacements as more and more companies, like Viber, came up against MongoDB limitations.

In the highly competitive Over-the-Top Messaging space, Viber is first in registered users with almost 1 billion users. Amir Ish-Shalom, system architect at Viber, explained why they replaced MongoDB with Couchbase Server:

“There were problems; first and foremost, the performance of MongoDB only gave us tens of thousands of operations per second, whereas we needed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of operations per second. It had problems with very large datasets; we have datasets that are in the billions of records and we found the performance wasn’t good when using these. This brought us to Couchbase.”

Watch this video to hear Viber detail how it supports almost 1 billion users with Couchbase Server

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Expanding Use Cases in Existing Accounts and Adding New Fortune 500 Enterprises across Industries

  • Enterprise Adoption: NoSQL made enormous progress in 2014 with large enterprises from every industry beginning to adopt NoSQL for mission-critical applications. Couchbase greatly increased the total number of million-plus dollar deals and added many new customers from around the globe, including AT&T, BMW, BSkyB, British Gas, Neiman Marcus, Nikkei, Orange, Ryanair, Tesco, Wells Fargo, and Verizon.
  • Use Case Expansion: Many early adopters of Couchbase technology expanded their use of Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile to support new use cases. Customers who expanded their use of Couchbase include Blizzard, Comcast Spotlight, eBay, LivePerson, PayPal, and SGN.
  • Industry Adoption: In 2014, NoSQL adoption picked-up across many industries. Couchbase saw significant momentum in key industries, including retail, with customers like Tesco, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and one of the largest big box retailers in the United States; financial services, with customers like Bankrate, FICO, Wells Fargo, and Willis Group; travel & transportation, with customers like Amadeus, Belgium Rail, Experian, Network Rail, Orbitz, and Ryanair; music and entertainment, with companies like Beats Music and Disney; technology, with customers like AOL, Cisco, eBay, PayPal, and Symantec; and communications, with customers like AT&T, BSkyB, and Verizon.

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Defined the Market with Product Innovation and New Releases

  • Distributed Database Innovation: In October, the company released Couchbase Server 3.0, the most significant release to-date with more than 200 new features and major architectural enhancements that improve scalability, performance, availability, administration, security, and ease-of-development. Couchbase Server 3.0 meets the requirements of enterprises that are re-platforming to support multiple use cases, increase efficiency, and improve business agility in a world of big data, mobile, social interaction, cloud infrastructure, and the Internet of Things.
  • Mobile Innovation: In May, Couchbase redefined the way mobile developers build applications with the release of Couchbase Mobile for iOS and Android. Couchbase Mobile is the world’s first NoSQL mobile database and sync technology that gives developers out-of-the-box, platform-native technology to build always-available apps that work online and offline. In October, the company released Couchbase Mobile for .NET, co-developed with Xamarin.
  • Storage Innovation: In October, Couchbase announced the beta release of ForestDB, its new open source data store for future versions of Couchbase Server. Internal benchmarking showed that ForestDB consistently outperforms LevelDB, RocksDB, and SQLite for mobile deployments with at least two times better throughput in write performance. ForestDB also outperformed MongoDB’s WiredTiger in recent mixed workload tests.
  • Performance Superiority: Couchbase continued to demonstrate product superiority in third party evaluations. The 2014 NoSQL High Performance benchmark proved that Couchbase Server significantly outperforms MongoDB and Datastax in meeting enterprise requirements for speed, performance, and reliability.

“Over the last 30 years, Ryanair has experienced exponential growth. We continue to transform the landscape of low-cost travel throughout Europe and beyond”, said Paul Sheridan, technical architect. “In 2014 we carried over 86 million passengers. That’s a lot of customers and a lot of data. Couchbase will not only store that data but will provide the consistency, high performance, and availability needed to ensure Ryanair becomes one of the most customer-centric European brands in 2015.”

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Continued Investment in the Business and Global Expansion into New Markets

  • International Growth: To support growing international demand for NoSQL, as well as a rapidly expanding global customer base, including BMW, BSkyB, Criteo, Tesco, Viber, and Willis Group, Couchbase opened new offices in Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangalore, and Tel Aviv. Looking ahead, Couchbase will continue its investment in Europe and grow its presence in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Employee Growth: In 2014, Couchbase focused on building a business that can scale to the billion dollar big data opportunity. This included expanding the management team, with the addition of experienced industry veterans, including Sujan Jain as chief financial officer, Shekhar Iyer as senior vice president of field operations, Rod Hamlin as vice president of business development, Pete Childers as vice president of learning and strategic development, and Doug Laird as chief marketing officer, as well as tripling its global sales force.
  • Ecosystem Expansion: As the big data market continues to grow, vendor ecosystems play an emerging role in market penetration. Couchbase signed multiple new and expanded partnerships that grew its ecosystem for deployment options, product integrations, and system integrator expertise. New product partnerships include Cloudera, Vormetric, and Simba Technologies; new cloud partners include Cloudsoft, CumuLogic and ElasticBox; and Couchbase signed a significant agreement with Wipro Limited that includes the development of Couchbase Technology Center of Excellence.

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