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Couchbase Announces Membase Server for Mac OS X

Simple, fast, elastic NoSQL database now available for Mac OS developers

Mountain View, Calif. – April 4, 2011 – Couchbase, the NoSQL database company created through the recent merger of CouchOne and Membase, today announced it has released Membase Server for Mac OS X. Part of the Couchbase family of NoSQL database products, Membase Server, designed and optimized for the data management needs of interactive web applications, now provides a developer-friendly interface to better serve Mac-centric, web-focused developers.

News Highlights

  • Membase Server for Mac OS X, a community edition released today, provides developer-friendly features that integrate seamlessly and take full advantage of the operating system, making it even easier for Mac users to develop scalable web applications against Membase Server.
  • Applications built with Membase Server for Mac OS X can be seamlessly deployed on the production platform of choice; Membase Server currently supports Windows as well as Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux.
  • Membase open source technology provides a distributed key-value database with integrated memcached caching technology, enabling dynamic cluster elasticity and sustained low-latency, high-throughput data operations. Its core technology powers 18 of the top 20 largest websites; and few web applications now enter production without it. Organizations such as Zynga and ShareThis use Membase to dramatically lower data management costs while improving the scalability and performance of their demanding interactive web applications.

Supporting Quotes

“Membase Server for Mac OS X is easy as one-two-free. You download it. You run it. There’s no installation and it behaves exactly the way a Mac developer would expect.”
– Dustin Sallings, Couchbase chief architect and the primary guy behind the Mac OS X release

“Couchbase continues to invest in making things easier for developers to build scalable, high-throughput web applications. Together with today’s release of Membase Server for Mac OS X, we have also refreshed Couchbase Server for Mac OS X (our distribution of Apache CouchDB), providing the same level of OS integration and user-friendly look and feel. We look forward to continuing to provide the community with products that work the way developers do.”
– Frank Weigel, Couchbase director of product management

“We’ve been compiling source to run Membase on Mac OS X, but compiling is less-than-convenient and in the end the software didn’t look and feel like a native Mac application. It’s awesome to have a packaged Membase binary that does all that right out of the box, saving us time and making Membase Server an even better NoSQL database choice for developers.”
– Jon Prall, VP of Ops, Tango

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