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About Red Hat and Couchbase

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, including high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform and Couchbase provide an agile and cost-effective framework for efficiently developing and running highly scalable and reliable applications. The combined solution, which has been rigorously tested by Couchbase and fully certified by Red Hat, is ideal for building and scaling web, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, mobile, and other contemporary applications. Red Hat and Couchbase help developers supply highly scalable and reliable database functionality for cloud-based applications and services.


“Couchbase is collaborating with Red Hat to bring the benefits of the Operator Framework to applications like Couchbase. With Couchbase’s distributed NoSQL database on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, customers have even more options to provide modern application portability across hybrid and multicloud environments.”

Jack Baratta
Senior Director, Global ISVs and Alliances
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