Keeping drivers engaged and moving with community-based data


Customer application

  • Community-based driving assistance information

NoSQL solution

Use case

  • Operational dashboarding
  • Endpoint/device mgmt.


Coyote logo white


Coyote is Europe’s leading provider of real-time road information for drivers. When they wanted to provide personalized dashboards to increase membership and engagement, they also needed a new data platform that provided scalable real-time performance. And it had to work for millions of users who often had no internet connection while driving. Couchbase offered the end-to-end cloud-ready solution Coyote needed to launch their new service quickly and grow it seamlessly.

“Couchbase offered an end-to-end cloud-ready solution that enabled us to launch quickly and put the service into production by the deadline.”

Matthieu Brun-Bellut
Chief Information Officer, Coyote


  • Wanted a single end-to-end platform with cloud-ready capabilities to streamline solution development
  • Needed scalable real-time performance to support 5 million users and 13 million alerts per day
  • Had to work smoothly for drivers on the road with no internet connectivity


  • Met a tight deadline for launching the new service
  • Gained scalable real-time performance to support 500 million documents
  • Sparked rapid adoption by 35% of members within three months
  • Data sync to AWS servers decreased from hours to minutes