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About Coyote and Couchbase

Coyote is reinventing how drivers across Europe can use data to improve their driving experience. The company’s community-based road information solution collects user input and delivers critical alerts to drivers about traffic, accidents, and more. When it was time to develop additional services for drivers, Coyote adopted the end-to- end Couchbase data platform for its scalable performance and offline functionality. The company met a tight deadline for a launch and saw fast acceptance by users, with more than 35% of users adopting the solution within three months. Coyote has helped boost engagement and better retain its users.


“We were implementing new technologies for our company. We needed more than just a supplier—we needed a partner. And that’s what we found in Couchbase.”

Matthieu Brun-Bellut
CIO, Coyote
Matthieu Brun-Bellut, CIO Coyote

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