Careers at Couchbase

Help transform the database world!

We want someone who doesn’t just want a job, but wants to change the world. And while we realize that there is maybe a little bit of hyperbole in that statement, the truth is that we are doing some really interesting stuff that will have a huge impact on how people use technology. Specifically, we are building the next generation data framework to support Internet scale applications and real time analytics. We’re enabling our customers to do things that until recently were impossible – and we’re telling a story that people have been waiting a long time to hear. If that sounds like something you want to drive, you’re in the right place.


Our commitment to our employees

Couchbase’s culture is one where we value our most important asset: our people. Plain and simple, our success as a company isn’t possible without our highly engaged and talented employees. As a result, we are committed to a work environment where each employee feels valued, respected and like a critical member of the team – because you are. At Couchbase, you are not just an employee number – you are an important part of our vision for the future and we work hard to make sure that our perks and benefits reinforce our cultural belief that our employees come first.

So what's it like working at Couchbase?

  • Open source roots

    At Couchbase, we go where the ideas are and believe that the best ideas come from the greater community. We pride ourselves on a transparent environment and are constantly growing our global presence – currently maintained in over 20 countries. Like the open source mentality, we encourage contribution and global collaboration from individuals who are self-motivated and passionate about their role.

  • Scalable Minds

    We value an agile mind. The scalability of the company and products are as important as the scalability of the minds that drive it. The technology and mentality of Couchbase have drawn some of the top minds in Silicon Valley over the past 5 years – renowned experts looking for a challenge. This is an environment where big things happen. You’ll find opportunities to wear many hats, learn new skills and grow your career and work with minds of the same caliber.

  • Constant innovation

    Our constant innovation is the backbone of our technology. We’re looking to shape the future of how people access information and make tailored decisions within milliseconds. We are committed to solve large problems at massive scale with a forward looking mindset. In order to innovate at the speed of the industry, we look to you, our team members to keep the ideas fresh and to push the envelope.

  • Commitment to winning

    Here at Couchbase, people are empowered to be their best. You’ll find our commitment to winning exemplified in the work of your coworkers and feel the excitement that mentality brings to the workplace. Being the best and developing the best technology will motivate you in new ways and will help shape the work you do within the company and throughout your career.

Top 10 reasons to work at Couchbase

  • We build technology with a purpose

  • Shape the future of how people access information

  • See your work as part of the puzzle

  • Structure the unstructured

  • 2016 Glassdoor Top 50 Highest Rated Private Cloud Company to Work For

  • Scalable, fast, reliable products and people

  • Global presence, open work environment

  • 100% year over year growth

  • Ranked a top 25 startup by leading publications

  • Flexible vacation, beer on tap, all the benefits you expect