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Helping Cities Provide Cost-Saving Smart Services Using the Power of AI

Tondo Smart is a global leader in smart lighting and smart network infrastructures that are used to enable connected smart city applications. Tondo’s AI-native Smart City management cloud enables cities to measure and manage lighting, temperature, and energy consumption citywide in real time while avoiding information overload from massive amounts of telemetry data.

About Tondo Smart


reduction in operating costs


decrease in street and area lighting costs


cities using the Smart Lighting system


    • Required guaranteed availability to support always-on smart sensors and real-time monitoring and alerts
    • Needed high scalability for a rapidly growing platform that supports hundreds of thousands of devices and massive volumes of real-time data
    • Had to integrate easily with existing technologies and multiple cloud providers
    • Wanted to optimize the efficiency of a small DevOps team


    • With Couchbase, Tondo’s devices are always on and always connected
    • Tondo can now scale quickly and easily to handle new customers and any amount of data without sacrificing performance or requiring downtime
    • Couchbase works on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud and is highly flexible for easy integration with modern tools and technologies
    • Couchbase’s SQL++ query language and developer-friendly tools let Tondo’s DevOps team hit the ground running
The ability to run queries easily helped us boost the machine learning AI algorithms that we’re running today… We combined all our requirements and concluded that Couchbase was the database for us.

Eliav Gnessin CTO, Tondo Smart

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