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    • Needed a highly scalable system to accommodate millions of users and rapidly expanding content
    • Full-text search had to be easily integrated to enable ultra-personalized experiences
    • Needed a flexible data model for a wide variety of content and metadata


    • Couchbase makes unlimited scalability quick, easy, and cost-effective
    • Users can search text, video, images, and metadata for lightning-fast access to personally tailored content
    • A schemaless NoSQL architecture easily incorporates diverse and changing types of data
Couchbase Server provides a flexible data model – including indexing and querying, full-text search integration, and incremental MapReduce – on which we can develop content-rich, highly dynamic interactive applications that will transform how people teach and learn.

Director MHE Labs, McGraw-Hill Education

Maccabai logo Use case

  • Personalization
  • User profile store
  • Content catalog

Maccabai logo Key features

  • Multi-dimensional scaling
  • Cross datacenter replication
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