Here at Couchbase, we know that one of the most important developer tools is access to ongoing high quality technical education. As Couchbase works great with web technologies and applications, we wanted to see where we could better support emerging web developers as they take their first steps with web technologies. To do this, we recently partnered with a free online web development bootcamp built around freeCodeCamp’s curriculum

The Bad Website Club is a free educational project focused on helping support beginner and intermediate technical learners with a focus on experimentation over perfectionism. As part of this effort, Bad Website Club offers free remote web development bootcamps in partnership with freeCodeCamp. Since being founded in 2020, these bootcamps have served over 40,000 unique learners globally.

As the team ran these bootcamps, they received feedback from learners that learners wanted more real-world experience with the skills they were developing, more understanding of how their lessons apply to industry use and what kinds of developer tools they should begin to learn. That’s where Couchbase came in!

Couchbase designed and delivered partner sessions, showing learners how to rebuild their bootcamp certification projects using real world tools and deploy them with modern services. 

The video sessions from the last bootcamp supplemental series are listed below and we will be adding blogs post that cover many of them too:

Week 0: Tools Setup

Week 1: Survey Form

Week 2: Tribute Page

Week 3: Technical Documentation Page

Week 4: Product Landing Page

Week 5: Personal Portfolio Website

As part of this process, the Couchbase team got to learn alongside the bootcamp students. In addition to brushing up on our HTML and CSS core skills, this bootcamp exposed us to the pain points and priorities of early career developers and learners. While we hope that the students we worked with will get to apply their new skills in exciting new jobs in technology, our team will be taking our learnings back into the Couchbase product and documentation to help make sure that developers of all career levels and backgrounds are able to leverage the power and flexibility of Couchbase for web development.

If you want to learn along with us, joining the Couchbase Discord is a great way to stay informed of future learning opportunities and have us answer any questions you have in (near) real time. Sign up for our Discord here.

If you know of an educational opportunity that you would like Couchbase to be a part of, get in touch with us at

Here are two blog posts diving into a couple of the topics, subscribe to the blog to be notified when more are released.

Build a Survey App with Netlify and Couchbase

Learning on the Couch with FreeCodeCamp: Intro to Code Editors




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