Couchbase is a leading NoSQL database that offers high performance, scalability, and flexibility for modern applications. Whether you’re building a web app, mobile app, or any other software that relies on fast and efficient data storage, Couchbase has you covered.

To streamline the development process and empower developers, we’re excited to introduce our Visual Studio Code extension for Couchbase. This extension is designed to enhance your productivity, simplify query development, and provide easy access to Couchbase functionalities, all within the familiar Visual Studio Code environment. Download and install it from the Visual Studio Code Extensions marketplace.

A Paradigm Shift in Database Exploration

As developers, we understand the challenges that come with managing databases. You probably have a database client installed, but here’s an interesting fact: most database clients are designed for both developers and DBA/SREs. As a developer, you may find that many features in database clients are not frequently used or not needed at all. 

On the other hand, there may be a few missing features that could significantly improve your daily workflow. Picture effortlessly crafting complex queries, documenting your work, and navigating your Couchbase databases with unparalleled ease using a combination of DB clients and an IDE. That’s precisely what inspired us to create this game-changing plugin. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a transformation in how you interact with Couchbase.

Key Features

Seamless Connection Management 

Managing multiple Couchbase clusters can be challenging, but not with our extension. It offers a seamless way to connect to your Couchbase clusters, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises. With a few clicks, you can establish secure connections and access your data instantly.

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Discover and Navigate with Ease

Quickly traverse through your Couchbase databases, effortlessly exploring buckets, scopes, collections, documents, and indexes.

Effortless Document Management

View, create, edit, and delete documents directly within the plugin. Optimize your workflow with effortless document management.

Quickstart Your Projects

Jumpstart your Couchbase projects in your preferred programming language with our Quickstart Projects. Get started swiftly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Insights

Gain valuable insights into your cluster, including detailed information about its configuration, health, and performance. Plus, effortlessly access metadata for your documents and buckets.

Schema Visualization 

Visualize the database schema for a collection with just a few clicks, simplifying your understanding of complex data structures.

Smart Document Filters

Apply filters to tailor your document view, displaying only what you need for a clutter-free experience.

Advanced Query Notebook 

Experience the power of a query notebook, enabling you to write and execute multiple queries within a single document. Interactive cells provide the flexibility to run commands independently, making it a breeze to compose and document complex queries. Plus, effortlessly save and retrieve queries from previous sessions or documents, streamlining your query management.

Robust Query Workbench

Access a fully functional workbench to execute SQL++ queries. Visualize results in tabular, JSON, or Explain Plan format for comprehensive insights.

Query Like a Pro

Take control of your queries with features like Query History, Query Context setting, and the ability to bookmark your favorite queries.

It Gets Better, Continuously

And here’s the exciting part: our feature list doesn’t end here. We’re continually adding new capabilities to make your development journey even smoother. In fact, by the time you finish reading this article, we might have released an update with even more exciting features!

So, what’s next on your agenda? Well, it’s simple – Go ahead and install!

Your Feedback Matters

This plugin isn’t just a product; it’s a partnership with the developer community. We value your insights and suggestions. If you can envision a feature that would further elevate your Couchbase experience, we want to hear about it here. We assure you that we will attentively review your suggestions and endeavor to incorporate them whenever feasible.

What is coming next?

In the pipeline, we have exciting plans, including SQL++ autocomplete, DDL and index exporting, export and import data with indexes and collection definitions, support for command-line tools, eventing, full-text search, data generation, and many automation tools to make your experience with Couchbase really pleasant.

The plugin is community-supported for now, but we are working full-time on it, so you can expect issues to be quickly sorted.

Happy Coding!


Posted by Aayush Tyagi

Aayush Tyagi, based in Bengaluru, India, is a Software Engineer at Couchbase. His focus and interests range from Problem Solving to Design and Development. Aayush has authorised two research papers and he has a solid understanding of Software Development. His skillset includes proficiency in C++, TypeScript, JavaScript, NodeJS, NextJS, ReactJS, AWS, DynamoDB, Couchbase DB and SQL.

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