I’m happy to announce Azure support for Capella. At Couchbase, our mission is to make Capella more accessible for developers and teams. By extending Capella to Azure, organizations can use Capella across all three major cloud providers and have the flexibility to support their multicloud and hybrid cloud strategies. Azure support gives them even more choice, with a cloud database platform built to power mission-critical applications.

 With Capella on Microsoft Azure, customers around the world can easily deploy premium experiences as modern applications to run on the trusted Azure platform,” said Jake Zborowski, general manager, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. “We’re happy to welcome Couchbase Capella to the growing Azure ecosystem.

Why are customers choosing Capella over other database offerings?


Capella stores data in JSON document format, allowing for better data alignment with application design, and adapts to meet developer needs. Capella is ideal for dynamic user profiles, complex catalogs, and other quickly evolving applications. Capella also includes built-in features such as full-text search, eventing, and operational analytics, eliminating the need to add additional technologies. Capella App Services ensure that mobile and IoT apps can sync, store, query, search, and analyze at the edge. They are always on, regardless of web connectivity and speed. Learn more.


Our memory-first architecture, equipped with an integrated high-performance cache, guarantees fast results regardless of the number of users. The distributed cluster design, being both masterless and asynchronous, delivers results at scale in just a few milliseconds. Advanced replication and synchronization technologies enable data to be globally distributed to the edge with high availability and efficient disaster recovery, eliminating the risk of a single point of failure. Learn more.


Capella uses SQL++ (ANSI SQL-92 compatible) for data queries. It offers advanced syntax options, such as advanced JOIN capabilities, multi-document ACID transactions, and analytic functions. SQL++ makes moving from relational to NoSQL much easier. Developers can take advantage of SDKs in more than 10 languages and also improve query performance through our patented cost-based optimizer. Learn more.


Capella combines the power of in-memory architecture and cloud-based elastic scaling to offer superior price versus performance compared to other Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) providers. Additionally, with management automated for tasks such as setup, backups, scaling, upgrades, and more, customers can significantly lower their operational expenses. Learn more. 


For teams looking to support multicloud strategies or retain the flexibility to avoid vendor lock-in, Capella’s deployment flexibility means customers can reduce risk and deploy as desired. Other database solutions owned by cloud service providers only work on that specific cloud service.

What’s new? The recent and rapid Capella evolution

Since the launch of Capella on AWS at the end of 2021, a significant number of enhancements have been made. Here are just a few:

    • Multicloud – Support for AWS, GCP, and Azure. In addition, customers can run hybrid models of self-managed clusters that sync data to Capella.
    • App Services – A fully managed backend designed for mobile, IoT, and edge apps. Developers use App Services to access and sync data between Capella and edge devices, as well as to authenticate and manage app users.
    • New developer UX – Designed to make it easier for developers who are new to Capella, the UI makes it easier to find information, access data, and accomplish key tasks.
    • Security and compliance – Capella is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, HIPAA ready, and offers teams new single sign-on (SSO) flexibility.
    • High-density data storage – The new Magma HD storage engine gives customers the ability to support more use cases with much larger datasets at high speed.

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Posted by Tim Rottach, Director of Product Line Marketing

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