We’re back in-person and are very happy that we will be meeting you around the world! Our developer meetup series is starting in November with the following cities.

You’ll be hearing from Couchbase engineers and others on a number of topics, including: data modeling; optimizing SQL++ queries; a deep dive on database indexing; and much more.

This is just the beginning, we’ll be doing meetups in many more cities moving forward. To facilitate that, our Meetup network is primed and ready to go.

Couchbase Meetups

Head on over to check it out. To not miss a beat, we recommend:

    • You join the virtual developers group for all upcoming online events
    • Join the group of the city or cities near you
    • If you want to host a Couchbase meetup or speak, let us know

We will be following local Covid guidelines at every location, and will be following the Couchbase community guidelines.

See you out there!


Posted by Brian King, Senior Community Manager

With a software development background, Brian has two decades of experience working with communities in the open Web (Mozilla), talent networks (Toptal), open source (Eclipse Foundation), and more. With his team and the organization as a whole he is focused growing the Couchbase developer community and improving the developer experience in order to help build better products.

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