Couchbase Community Guidelines

Couchbase Community Guidelines

At Couchbase, our Values are core to who we are, and steer our vision for our community. Our aim is to foster a community where members can come together to meet, exchange ideas, share diverse perspectives, and contribute to Couchbase products in a way that enhances the experience of those who use them.


We want all community members to enjoy their experience and feel safe, and so we require all participants in our community to follow these Community Guidelines.* These Community Guidelines apply to all members of our online community in any forum and participants in any live event organized or hosted by Couchbase, including attendees, staff, volunteers, sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors.


Play to Win, Together.

Engage in constructive conversation and debate, exchange ideas, share resources and learnings, and ask questions. Welcome others into the community. We firmly believe diversity and inclusion can only make us better.


Be a Good Human, Always.

Be respectful, considerate, and professional

In other words, be a good human. For example, do not:

  • – Use our online platforms or events to promote non-Couchbase related projects

  • – Disclose confidential information or personal information of others, or threaten to do so

  • – Harass, intimidate, stalk, or bully others

  • – Swear or use threatening or offensive language

  • – Inappropriately disrupt talks or other events

  • – Bring a weapon to any Couchbase event


Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying


Couchbase is committed to a community experience that is professional and free of harassing, bullying, disrespectful, offensive, or unprofessional conduct.


In addition to the examples above, treat other community members with respect and do not engage in harassment or bullying. Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • – Verbal conduct such as insults, threats, epithets, slurs, derogatory jokes or comments, including but not limited to those relating to gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion or other protected categories under applicable law

  • – Visual displays such as derogatory and/or sexually-oriented pictures, posters, emojis, or other imagery

  • – Physical or other non-verbal conduct including assault, unwanted, or inappropriate touching or sexual advances


Reporting and Handling of Violations


If you would like to report a violation of these Community Guidelines, please fill out this incident reporting form. Couchbase strives to investigate reports in a timely manner and respect confidentiality to the extent feasible. If you submit an incident report with your contact information or if you are the subject of an incident report, your personal information will be processed by Couchbase and you consent to such processing.


If Couchbase in its sole discretion determines there has been a violation of these Community Guidelines, Couchbase may take action commensurate with the circumstances involved, such as a warning, suspension, or ejection from the community or event. Couchbase may also take appropriate action to deter future misconduct, such as prohibiting future participation.


Make Tomorrow Better Than Today, Start Now.

Welcome to our community, and we hope you find it helpful! We are always looking to make tomorrow better than today. If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please contact


* These Community Guidelines supplement other terms and policies that may be applicable to your activities and interaction with us, such as our website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.