At Couchbase, we’re constantly exploring new ways to engage our community and encourage knowledge sharing, collaboration and cross-pollination with adjacent developer communities. Today, we are thrilled to announce that our official Couchbase Discord server is now live!Couchbase on Discord announcement of new NoSQL community channels

Discord is a space for our community to converge and communicate in real-time, with a specific focus on enabling developers to exchange ideas, connect with Couchbase staff and connect with each other. You can ask questions, learn about upcoming events, product updates, important announcements, and share, collaborate, and connect on a whole new level. Join here.

Our Discord instance is not replacing our community forums and will not replace our existing official support channels. Instead, our Discord server will complement them.

As our server gets started, we might be missing some features, bots, and channels that you might expect. This space is for you, so we rely on your suggestions to make it better. The best way to suggest improvements is to come into the #suggestions channel when you join the server. Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the #say-hello channel. 

Check out some of our other great community and developer resources:

This is the first of many opportunities to participate in the Couchbase community. We will be announcing more in the coming months. In the meantime, see you on Discord!


Posted by Brian King, Senior Community Manager

With a software development background, Brian has two decades of experience working with communities in the open Web (Mozilla), talent networks (Toptal), open source (Eclipse Foundation), and more. With his team and the organization as a whole he is focused growing the Couchbase developer community and improving the developer experience in order to help build better products.

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