Press Releases

Press Releases

Couchbase Appoints Former Veritas President Matt Cain as CEO

April 3, 2017

Veteran Technology Leader Joins Couchbase to Take Company to Next Level, Bob Wiederhold Moves to Executive Chairman Role

Couchbase Reports Acceleration in Enterprise IoT Deployments Among Fortune 500 Companies

March 27, 2017

"IoT Everywhere" Webinar with Verizon and Couchbase (March 28, 2017) To Spotlight Best Practices in Building IoT Applications That Support Millions of Connected Devices

Couchbase Named a Strong Performer in In-Memory Database Platforms Evaluation by Independent Research Firm

March 16, 2017

Couchbase achieves top scores possible in scalability, ability to execute, open source and licensing, and use cases

New Release of Couchbase Data Platform Powers Always-On Digital Business Applications Across All Channels and Devices with Advanced Security

February 16, 2017

Major enhancements in the product suite further enable enterprises to build and deploy web, mobile and IoT apps at mass scale

Doddle Adopts Couchbase to Fuel Digital Transformation in Retail

February 2, 2017

Couchbase Mobile slashes time-to-open of new stores from six weeks to 14 days

Couchbase Named a Winner of TechTarget’s 2017 Modern Mobility Innovation Awards for Use in GE’s Predix Platform

January 16, 2017

Couchbase’s innovative database capabilities enable customers like GE Digital to rollout successful industrial internet applications with offline and mobile-first capabilities

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September 6, 2016   -  InformationAge

NoSQL has become increasingly adopted by large enterprises for business critical applications

Over the last few years, NoSQL database technology has experienced explosive growth and increased use by large enterprises for their mission critical applications. What’s remarkable is the variety of organisations and industries making the shift to this disruptive technology and reaping the reward.

September 1, 2016   -  insideBIGDATA

Interview: Ravi Mayuram, SVP Products & Engineering at Couchbase

Daniel Gutierrez recently caught up with Ravi Mayuram, SVP Products & Engineering at Couchbase, to discuss recent developments in the NoSQL database industry such as the relationship with Hadoop and Spark, container technology, security, and much more.

August 16, 2016   -  ComputerWeekly

Couchbase: data shapes in the new digital economy

The very term revolution is defined as a dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or operations. What better way to describe the colossal change facing businesses today as industry after industry shifts to the digital economy? Businesses speak of the Digital Economy, but what tools and innovation is opening up new opportunities?

August 8, 2016   -  ADTMag

Couchbase Mobile Updated with Sync Gateway Improvements

Couchbase Mobile 1.3 has reached general availability, featuring improvements to its Sync Gateway component that provides functionality such as authentication, authorization and data orchestration. Sync Gateway, along with the mobile-optimized Couchbase Lite NoSQL database, combine to formulate the Couchbase Mobile offering, a mobile development solution used with Couchbase Server.

June 22, 2016   -  ZDNet

Couchbase 4.5 adds mature performance, tooling

New Query Workbench, plus advanced indexing, joins and i/o bring RDBMS-grade fit/finish to NoSQL camp.

June 6, 2016   -  Datanami

Spark Makes Inroads into NoSQL Ecosystem

Spark and NoSQL make a good combination, as they complement each other’s strengths. Organizations today are often picking NoSQL databases over relational databases to power large-scale Web, mobile and IoT applications that need schema flexibility, support for semi-structured data types like JSON, and horizontal scalability on commodity hardware. Today at the Spark Summit, Couchbase announced Spark Connector version 1.2.

June 3, 2016   -  Huffington Post

Big Data Trends: 38 Top Experts on the Biggest Trends

“One trend that is going to continue to pick up steam in the coming year is the integration of operational NoSQL databases with analytical platforms like Spark. Web, IoT and mobile applications generate massive amounts of data that has very little intrinsic value for a business. To effectively derive real value from this raw data, it’s important for companies to pair their analytical platform that rapidly extracts insights from the data with their operational database that can quickly turn those insights into actions to improve customer experiences and operational efficiencies. Ultimately, shortening the time-to-insight and time-to-action is a competitive advantage that enables companies to find the true value hidden inside their data.” - Bob Wiederhold

May 2, 2016   -  CRN

2016 Big Data 100: 30 Coolest Data Management Vendors

Couchbase and other vendors in the crowded NoSQL database arena position their products as alternatives to the relational databases that dominate most data centers today. Their next-generation technologies can better handle the huge volumes of data and different data types that businesses are increasingly working with.

April 27, 2016   -  SD Times

Why developers are sitting pretty for IoT

Data will be a big issue for IoT—not just because of size, but due to connectivity constraints. That’s good news for database vendors like Couchbase that have already been innovating for microservices, Big Data and mobile.

April 27, 2016   -  Ars Technica

Power tools: Sorting through the crowded specialized database toolbox

With so many choices today, matching database to need isn't getting any easier. Software company Nuance Communications opted for something else entirely, choosing Couchbase for handling speech and imaging apps.

April 7, 2016   -  Information Age

Six things to consider when choosing a database for your mobile apps

Mobile apps are only as good as the database they rely on, so what do companies need to know?

March 30, 2016   -  Ars Technica

To SQL or NoSQL? That’s the database question

Today, the database landscape continues to become increasingly complicated. The usual SQL suspects—SQL Server-Oracle-DB2-Postgres, et al.—aren't handling this new world on their own, and some say they can't. But the division between SQL and NoSQL is increasingly fuzzy, especially as database developers integrate the technologies together and add bits of one to the other.

March 30, 2016   -  SD Times

The state of mobile: Exciting times, exploding choices

There is no denying that mobile apps are no longer optional. Where options abound, however, are in the architectural, contextual and application life-cycle models to choose from. Building an app on top of a local database like Couchbase Lite, the first mobile NoSQL database, lets the app continue to operate offline.

March 15, 2016   -  The Register

F-me! Couchbase Yoinks $30m in Yet Another Fundraising Round

Open-source NoSQL database purveyor Couchbase has raised $30m in a series-F funding round.

March 15, 2016   -  SiliconANGLE

Couchbase Gets $30M From VCs to Expand the Adoption of its Document Store

While they’re not nearly as quick to provide funding as they were a year ago, technology investors are apparently still willing to bet big when it comes to data management software. Sorenson Capital and half a dozen other private equity heavyweights this morning announced that they’ve led a $30 million round of financing into Couchbase Inc., one of the top players in the fast-growing NoSQL market.

March 15, 2016   -  Silicon Valley Business Journal

Couchbase Raises $30M, Adds New Member to Board

Couchbase, an open-source NoSQL database, raised $30 million in Series F funding on Tuesday in its last round before an IPO.

February 22, 2016   -  The Telegraph

Nine ways tech will change businesses in 2016

The cloud, virtual offices, conferencing has changed the face of . But which developments should be on your business’s radar for 2016?

February 17, 2016   -  InfoWorld

Couchbase 4.0 Review: The Swiss Army Knife of NoSQL

Couchbase Server, similar to MongoDB and RethinkDB, is a document-oriented distributed database, but that description sells it a good deal short. Couchbase is what you get when a distributed key-value store and a document database join forces -- literally.

February 17, 2016   -  Computing

Nielsen Picks 'More Mature' Couchbase Over MongoDB for Document Store

Global market research and consumer insight firm Nielsen chose NoSQL database Couchbase ahead of rival MongoDB for a document store because it was "more mature" from an administrative perspective.

February 12, 2016   -  Computer Business Review

Turning Big Data into Big Value

David Maitland, General Manager, EMEA at Couchbase, looks at how companies can derive profit directly from big data.

February 11, 2016   -  Business Insider

40 tech skills that will land you a $120,000-plus salary

There's no question that the tech industry is filled with high-paying jobs, but it's also an ever-changing market. One day a skill is hot and the next it's not.

February 10, 2016   -  TechTarget

Parse shutdown: Alternatives are asking for your business

William Hoang, a mobile developer advocate at Couchbase, has written a blog piece with code fragments that demonstrates migration of a Parse app to Couchbase Mobile, backed by Digital Ocean.

February 8, 2016   -  Fortune

The Good News Is a Huge Company Just Bought Your Favorite App

Most of us have apps on our phones and tablets that we can’t live without. Many come from hungry, up-and-coming startups which tend to be more innovative and fast-to-market than the big elephantine mega companies.

February 8, 2016   -  Application Development Trends

Left in a Lurch, Mobile Devs Scramble for Parse Replacements

Parse developer advocate Fosco Marotto was as surprised as everyone else when he arrived at work the morning of Jan. 28 only to discover that Facebook was killing the popular Mobile Back-end-as-a-Service (MBaaS).

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