Couchbase Training :  Program Update

Just over a month ago I outlined a number of activities we have been up to at Couchbase Training. This month, I’m pleased to introduce two new courses that we have added to our training portfolio for instructor-led training

As we have been busy training our customers on Couchbase Administration basics (CS300) and Couchbase NoSQL Data Modeling, Querying and Indexing (CD210), we encountered many customers who have put what they have been taught into practice and are asking for more. Thanks to the hard work of our professional services team who worked with our customers to take them to the next level in their journey toward self sufficiency, they have created and piloted two workshops designed to provide advanced training to fill this need. These are now available to be delivered as instructor-led training.

Couchbase Advanced Operations Workshop (CS400)

This is designed for experienced Couchbase administrators who have attended the CS300 Couchbase Administration course, have been operating their Couchbase clusters for some time and are looking for ways to go deeper. This is a 4-day hands-on workshop designed to raise your capability and confidence in managing your Couchbase clusters.

Here are some of the objectives of this workshop

  • Learn how to properly size a Couchbase cluster for your applications’ needs
  • Detailed discussion of how to manage all major Couchbase server features, eg. Key Value, Global Secondary Indexes, Query (N1QL), Eventing/Functions, Analytics, and Full Text Search
  • Gain detailed understanding of Couchbase tooling and usage
  • Understand key metrics and stats and how to monitor the health of your Couchbase clusters
  • Learn how to analyze logs and troubleshoot issues within your Couchbase clusters

Couchbase Advanced N1QL Workshop (CD410)

This is designed for experienced Couchbase developers and architects who have attended the CD210 Couchbase Data Modeling, Querying and Tuning course and have been working with the Couchbase N1QL query language for a while. This 4-day hands-on workshop will take you to the next level in writing and tuning N1QL queries.

Here are some key objectives of this workshop

  • Data Modeling for N1QL
  • Query and Index Optimization best practices
  • Using N1QL in the Couchbase SDK
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Best Practices

It is important to emphasize that both of these workshops are designed to be advanced courses that come after taking the preliminary classes and gaining some hands-on experience in your own environment.  

We will be offering these classes as public remote training later this year with classes running both in the US and in EMEA. Registering and paying to attend a public class can easily be accomplished directly from our training store. You can find out more about these sessions and register here.

If you would like to book and schedule either of these courses as a private onsite, please contact our inside sales team at


Posted by Mark Secrist

Mark Secrist is Director of Technical Training at Couchbase. Prior to joining Couchbase, Mark served as Director of Global Education Delivery at Pivotal for nearly seven years, and he served as Sr. Staff Technical Trainer at VMWare previous to Pivotal. Prior to his leadership in education and training programs, he held various roles with JMA Information Technology, Citrix Systems, and Hewlett-Packard.

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