Over the past year the Couchbase blog has been filled with product announcements, developer tutorials, conceptual introductions, and much more. Here is a look at the most popular posts that we had and why it is still worth reading today.

Top posts for data modeling in JSON

Several posts helped teach app developers how to model data in a variety of ways, introducing the terminology and best practices used in the database industry. If you are not new to database modeling but may be new to modeling data in JSON, these will be particularly help to start you off on the right foot:

NoSQL development approaches

From why NoSQL databases are important, to choosing the right backend development environment, we covered a range of material to help those just joining the NoSQL space to those looking for examples of applying the technology to their industry.

Product innovations

Couchbase Server and Couchbase Capella both had busy years, adding new functionality, look and feel, storage backends and industry-specific enhancements. Read more in our announcements posts to see how we are helping move the needle, especially in DBaaS offerings.

Thank you for following along with our work this year, we’ll have more ideas for the new year coming out soon as well as other recaps of how we enjoyed connecting with users, developers, and customers alike.


Posted by Tyler Mitchell

Works as Senior Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase, helping bring knowledge about products into the public limelight while also supporting our field teams with valuable content. His personal passion is all things geospatial, having worked in GIS for half his career. Now AI and Vector Search is top of mind.

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