Along with this week’s Couchbase Server 4.6 release we have a super packed release with several new SDK features to help you streamline development. From efficiently managed Data Structures to the latest support for .NET Core, it is time to update to the latest libraries!  We have also released significant updates to our Big Data connectors for Spark and Kafka.

Data Structures

By bringing Native Collection bindings to the Couchbase SDK, it is now even easier to map your document data into structures your language understands.  All the languages support it through simple functions and .NET and Java have extra special support using their Collections Frameworks.  Structures include List, Map, Set, and Queue – each with specific functions for add/remove, push/pop and more.

They are built to be as efficient as possible as well.  Behind the scenes it uses our network-friendly sub-document processes keeping traffic to a minimum while making atomic updates to documents on the server – all while you simply update the collections in your code.

No extra upserts or pulling down the whole document just to modify part of an array.  This is a great way to reduce the amount of document handling you need to do in your application.

.NET Core Integration

Microsoft’s push to cross platform development via .NET Core is extremely important for our community.  So we wanted to make sure you could get .Net Core support for Couchbase as soon as possible.  All .NET applications will benefit from moving to this latest platform – especially for those wanting cross operating system support straight out-of-the-box.

For example, write apps on Windows, deploy on OS X and Linux without having to change your code.  

As usual we push all our .NET libraries to NuGet to make it as simple as possible to integrate Couchbase into your application.

There are way more improvements in the latest .NET SDK release – read about them in the release notes.

Kafka 3.x Updates

Couchbase integration with Kafka has taken a major leap forward.  The 3.x updates bring support for both Sink and Source connector options, allowing you to read from and write to Couchbase using Kafka.  You can also easily process Couchbase events using Kafka Streams technology.

To help simplify development and deployment there is now Kafka Connect support – plug and play without having to write custom connectors between your Buckets and Topics.  This is especially easy via integration with Confluent Control Center – providing many powerful features, including real time monitoring, through a web UI.

Other features worth checking out include Dynamic Topology for rebalance and failover and much more.

Spark 2.x Updates

As with Kafka, our Spark connector has had many significant improvements recently.  The latest improvements include support for Spark 2.0 and related features.  We have even implemented some of the latest leading edge improvements including Structure Streaming (both source and sink!).  Dynamic Topology is now supported to help with failover and rebalance needs in an easy manner.

Other Language Updates

There are many other updates across the Couchbase SDK this month – check out the latest changes in each of them below.  Now is the time to upgrade!

Release notes: .NETJavaNode.jsGoPHPPythonC

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