Greetings all! I’m Rob Hedgpeth, and I recently joined Couchbase as a developer advocate focusing on mobile and IoT. I’m thrilled to be joining the team, and figured I would seize the opportunity to introduce myself.

I’ve been slinging code since the early 2000’s. Like many others, I started my journey by building pretty horrendous looking websites. Fortunately, for the world, I’ve since evolved and branched out to a variety of projects across the web, desktop, mobile, and IoT world. I’m passionate about technology, and am always looking for an excuse to try out something new.

Since 2010, I’ve contributed to the architecture and development of over 100 mobile apps across all of the major platforms. Throughout that time there has been a significant amount of change in the mobile landscape, and I’ve been fortunate to be involved in the development efforts containing many emerging technologies such as AI, ML, and virtual/augmented reality. It’s been amazing to see all of the change throughout the years, but keeping up with it all has certainly been a challenge. Like many developers, I know all too well how overwhelming learning new technologies can be at times, and I’m excited to serve as an ambassador to the development community to help improve the process.

In fact, joining Couchbase has presented me with a lot to learn as well. Like many of you, I’ve been hitting up Stack Overflow, the Couchbase documentation, and, of course, this blog to learn as much as I can. The deeper I dive into all of the available content the more I realize the amount of potential Couchbase technologies has. I’m excited to see what we, as a community, can accomplish!


The “Demons”

During my free time you can find me tinkering around with some new tech, getting utterly dismantled on a video game, or trying to control the chaos that are my dogs!

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or GitHub if you have any questions on or suggestions for content you’d like to see!


Posted by Rob Hedgpeth, Senior Developer Advocate, Couchbase

Rob Hedgpeth is a Senior Developer Advocate at Couchbase specializing in mobile and IoT technologies. Rob has been developing applications of all flavors for over a decade, but has primarily been focused on the mobile space since 2010. Prior to working at Couchbase Rob worked as a Mobile Architect at Xamarin and Microsoft.

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