I am pleased to announce the second NoSQL Database Podcast episode hosted by Couchbase. The episode is titled NoSQL and Where It’s Used
and focuses on a particular use case for NoSQL.

In the episode I am joined by Brett Porter from
SafetyCulture. Brett is the Head of Architecture at SafetyCulture and he sheds some
insight into how they’re using NoSQL and what the driving factors were in their decision.

Topics in this podcast episode include information about SafetyCulture and the things this company tries to solve, what NoSQL
database technologies are currently being used and why they were chosen versus the alternatives, and what kind of data and how much of
it is being stored within their NoSQL database(s).

Episode #2 of The NoSQL Database Podcast has been published to Pocket Casts, and
iTunes. In addition it can be heard
for free below.

NDP – Episode 2 – NoSQL and Where It’s Used

If you have questions for any of the guest speakers or the podcast itself, please send them
to devadvocates@couchbase.com and they’ll be responded to either through
email or on a later podcast episode.

In case you missed episode one, you can gather information on it here.


Posted by Nic Raboy, Developer Advocate, Couchbase

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