In June 2023, Kansas City became a hub for developers and tech enthusiasts as it hosted the Kansas City Developer Conference (KCDC), a huge gathering of developers and tech leaders.

KCDC 2023

Couchbase was a Platinum Level sponsor of the event. Here’s a recap of the notable Couchbase and Couchbase-related activities of KCDC.

kcdc 2023 event sign

KCDC, known for its excellent speakers and engaging activities, gathered a significant crowd of tech enthusiasts from various domains, including health care, banking, startups, consulting companies, software companies, and more. The people from Couchbase partner Amazon shared a fantastic video that gives a great overview of what KCDC is about.

Look closely and you might even catch a glimpse of Couchbase’s booth, and speaker Ted Neward presenting his Busy Developer’s Guide to NoSQL.

Couchbase Booth

Couchbase’s booth was very busy between sessions. Everyone from students to experienced developers stopped by to discuss database and learn about Couchbase and Couchbase Capella.

Visitors to the booth could pick up various kinds of swag, including a handy sticky note kit (which we called an “analog database”). One creative attendee used one of the sticky notes to craft a unique piece of origami!

Ted Neward

During the conference, Ted Neward conducted an engaging session titled “Busy Developer’s Guide to NoSQL.” This session surveyed NoSQL options, the history of NoSQL, use cases, and more.

Ted Neward has recently written an article called Reducing Complexity with a Multimodel Database for The New Stack, and he touched on some of these same points during his NoSQL session.

Not stopping there, Ted also presented another session where he surveyed next-generation languages. Those who attended left with an overview of modern language trends, problems, and solutions.

Raspberry Pi Giveaway

One of the best moments at the Couchbase booth was the giveaway of the always hard to find Raspberry Pi 4, with a complete kit. Hundreds entered the drawing. Congratulations to the winner, Matt B!

See You Next Year?

The KCDC event was a tremendous success, generating insightful discussions both in the sessions and in the hallways, promoting knowledge exchange, networking, and delicious BBQ.

If you missed KCDC this time around, join our Couchbase Discord to stay informed about future events coming to an area near you. If you’re intrigued by our discussions on NoSQL and multi-model databases, why not give Couchbase Capella a try?


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