Organizations from around the globe often turn to Couchbase to tackle important challenges with their enterprise applications. Historically that has meant using our self-managed Couchbase Server, which has been designed and built to solve very big database challenges.

With Couchbase Capella, we deliver the power and agility of Couchbase Server as a fully managed service, making it even easier and faster to succeed with Couchbase. With Capella, you get automated setup, ongoing operational management, and invisible maintenance upgrades so you can focus on development and improve your time to market. Capella gives you industry-leading performance, flexibility, and scalability at your fingertips.

We realize though, like with any technology that is new to a developer or organization, that we need to do more to make learning, trying, and developing even easier. 


N1QL: When building Couchbase applications, developers will likely use both Couchbase’s API for key-value access and the database’s query language, N1QL, which is like standard SQL. If you’re new to SQL, try out our free online N1QL tutorial.

Couchbase playground Before you sign up for a trial, you can always try out some basics with the Couchbase Playground. It is an environment made by our developer advocacy team where you can explore the database using language-specific examples and step-by-step guides to how to become familiar with Couchbase.

Couchbase Academy: Of course for those who are looking for more formal training and certifications, our team at Couchbase Academy has built several courses you may be interested in. There are free online courses and instructor-led training. Learn more.


Self-service trial: For those looking for a longer experience than the Playground, Capella offers a free trial where a cluster gets spun up for you. There is trial data preloaded, or you can import your own data. Use the document viewer tool to examine JSON documents or query and manipulate data with SQL. You can also test index creation to speed up specific queries or use our built-in full-text search. Connect an application or IDE to go against your data via our API or SDK of choice. Need help getting started? Check out our step-by-step guide. Or sign up for Capella here

Advanced sales-led trials: Want to do an even more advanced trial? Sure, we can do that. We do that all the time. Connect with our Sales Engineering team and they can help get that going.  Reach out to our team here.


For those who have tried Couchbase Capella and are looking for more advice and help on how to accelerate their projects and help ensure a successful launch, Couchbase is introducing two starter kits.

Capella Developer Starter Kit 

  • 5,000 credits for the Developer Pro service plan
  • 3 consulting days – Receive general product guidance from a Couchbase senior consultant, covering best practices on data modeling, indexing strategy, and query optimization
  • 1 Associate Developer Certification voucher – Score at least 80% on the exam to earn an official Associate Developer badge to share on social media
  • Cost savings up to 37%*

Capella Production Readiness Starter Kit

  • 25,000 credits for the Developer Pro service plan
  • Production readiness evaluation – Couchbase experts will work with your team to build a customized readiness plan with best practices for success in testing, staging, and preproduction
  • 1 Associate Developer Certification – Score at least 80% on the exam and earn an official Associate Developer badge to share on social media
  • Cost savings up to 42%*

Want to find out more about these promotions? Contact your Couchbase Sales Representative or reach out to our Capella team here.

We can’t wait to see what you will build with Capella!

*Subject to these promotion terms.

Find more information on the Developer Pro services plan here.


Posted by Tim Rottach, Director of Product Line Marketing

Tim Rottach is Director of Product Line Marketing at Couchbase.

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