Unveiled this week at Google Cloud Next, our longtime trusted partner Google announced the Google Cloud Ready Distributed Cloud program. The new program is designed to validate partner solutions on Google Distributed Cloud (GDC), Google’s AI-ready modern infrastructure that customers run on-premises at the edge. The new program allows customers to quickly find and deploy solutions that have been vetted by Google specifically for running on GDC.

Through the program, Couchbase becomes a powerful data storage and processing option for customers on GDC, providing a scalable, flexible multi-purpose database platform running locally on standardized Google Cloud infrastructure.

Because of its ability to run and sync anywhere—with or without internet connectivity—Couchbase is an ideal database solution for AI GDC environments at the edge. By storing and processing data locally, Couchbase on GDC can provide benefits such as data privacy compliance and ultra-low latency for AI processing, while the built-in distributed services-based architecture and data replication in Couchbase allows it to grow with customers’ applications, scaling up and down as needed for cost effectiveness.

Also in partnership with Google, Couchbase recently introduced the Google Cloud Couchbase connector as part of Google Application Integration Services. The Couchbase connector gives developers the ability to connect to and work directly with Google Cloud services such as Vertex AI, making it easy to develop data-driven AI powered applications. And when used on GDC deployments, the Couchbase connector can work with Vertex AI and other Google Cloud services to enable AI powered applications that run at the edge for ultra low-latency speed and maximum data privacy.

Some AI app use cases enabled by Couchbase on GCP include:

Manufacturing: Factory workers can use image search to quickly identify parts, tools, or machinery, increasing productivity. By running the Couchbase and AI services locally on GDC, companies can track assets better, make quicker repairs and conduct maintenance with more efficiency.

Retail: Cashierless retailers using Couchbase for AI apps on GDC can gain the speed and low latency to enable real-time inventory and smart shelf applications using sensors and cameras.

Federal and defense: Couchbase on GDC enables processes such as sensitive data analysis, training and simulations and field intelligence monitoring while completely secured and isolated from the internet.

To learn more about Couchbase and Google Cloud, please visit our booth number 1151 at Google Cloud Next or visit https://www.couchbase.com/partners/google/.


Posted by Mark Gamble, Dir Product & Solutions Mktg, Couchbase

I am a passionate product marketer with a technical and solution consulting background and 20+ years of experience in Enterprise and Open Source technology. I have launched several database and analytic solutions throughout my career, and have worked with customers across a wide variety of industries including Financial Services, Automotive, Hospitality, High-Tech and Healthcare. I have particular expertise in analytics and AI, love all things data, and am an emphatic supporter of data-for-good initiatives.

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