Couchbase Capella Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) eases database management, reduces costs, offers flexibility for developers, and delivers high performance for modern applications. Its use of the SQL++ query language and user-friendly interface, inspired by tools like GitHub, make Capella easy for developers and other users to learn and use. This improves agility and productivity across organizations.

Since its launch, Capella has made significant progress. Capella now offers fully managed cloud DBaaS and mobile App Services, which support offline-first mobile and IoT apps. Capella DBaaS and App Services are available on all three major cloud service providers in regions worldwide. From a performance perspective, third-party benchmarks demonstrate that Capella outperforms and scales better than MongoDB™ Atlas.

Couchbase Capella user benefits include: 

Development flexibility – Capella users benefit from a fully managed database that supports JSON documents, key-value storage, and SQL access, with built-in full-text search, eventing, and analytics capabilities to support full-featured applications across a variety of use cases and work.

Performance and cost-efficiency at scale – Capella’s real-time, memory-first architecture ensures fast response times for interactive and personalized applications, while its cost-effective, price-performance improves as workloads increase.

Mobile and IoT app synchronization – Capella App Services ensure data availability for mobile and IoT apps, even without a web connection. This is due to Couchbase’s unique sync, storage, query, search, and analytics capabilities at the edge.  

High availability and automated scaling – Customers can easily adjust the number of nodes to meet their current needs without affecting the application, improving global data reliability across all regions and availability zones. Capella provides replication technologies for data across nodes, availability zones, and geographies. 

Capella users benefit not only from the fact that it is easy to scale and easy to manage, but also that it is easy to get started.

Starting with Capella

For those new to Couchbase and want to start “kicking the tires,” we offer a variety of ways to do so. Our Couchbase Playground allows users to try out code snippets and example code across a wide variety of languages. Our free Capella trial offers sample datasets and a SQL++ tutorial. For more advanced projects, users can work with our team to perform a proof of concept (POC). 

There are some folks who may want to learn more before jumping right into a trial or POC. To that end, we have a few new key documents that answer essential questions about Capella. 

Capella architecture – This new whitepaper goes into depth in the areas of Couchbase core database design, fundamental architectural aspects of Capella as-a-service, and the Capella App Services designed for mobile and IoT apps.

Capella security and data protection We understand that security is a commitment at all levels of the organization: across top-down policies and direction from management, secure product development by engineers, governance and compliance management by the information security team, and shared responsibilities across business units. The Couchbase Capella Security and Data Protection whitepaper outlines the key security tenants, technologies, and procedures, and can be found on our Cloud Trust Center.

Capella shared responsibility model Between customers and Couchbase, Capella management and security in the cloud is a joint responsibility. Couchbase carries a large portion of the burden so customers can focus on developing their applications, attending to high-priority work, and meeting their business requirements. The Capella Shared Responsibility Model document lays out who is involved in the various areas of security and management. 

Moving from relational to Couchbase: Using SQL with JSON documents

Another important factor that makes it easy for teams to start with Couchbase is our use of SQL++ (formerly called N1QL) as our query language for both operations and analytics. Watch how a Capella customer, Seenit, explains how developers are instantly familiar with Couchbase.


Capella is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Couchbase. We provide a lot of tools and resources to make it even easier:


Posted by Tim Rottach, Director of Product Line Marketing

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