Recently, Couchbase was asked to participate in a Cloud Database Battleground industry event to discuss some highlights of Couchbase and a few customer stories. The battleground, put on by Acceleration Economy, included several leading cloud database vendors. 

Couchbase presents at the Cloud Database battleground event

The purpose of the event was for vendors to deliver in-depth discussions of analytics, security, performance at scale, and data distribution across hybrid and multi-clouds. Topics were broad but included areas like:

    • Examples of how Couchbase helps organizations manage data at scale and speed to lead their verticals
    • Areas where Couchbase helps companies become more data-driven and create new revenue streams
    • The reasons developers and IT teams come to Couchbase
    • How Couchbase simplifies and supports data distribution across hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and edge environments
    • Couchbase’s trusted data environment

Couchbase shares their differentiating features

Our team covered several customer stories including:

    • FICO uses Couchbase in their fraud detection and prevention solution, which protects more than three billion credit card accounts globally
    • UPS partners with Couchbase for their package tracking solution handling roughly twenty million shipments and around four hundred fifty million tracking requests a day 
    • Gluu mobile uses Couchbase for identity management and benchmarked their solution at over a billion full round-trip web authentications per day, a rate of eleven and a half thousand transactions a second

You can see that we matched our customers’ experiences into each of these questions, demonstrating that Couchbase helps them excel within their markets, resolve key issues they face with their legacy systems and drive down their costs of cloud operations. Of course, we appeal to IT organizations because Couchbase is fast, flexible and familiar to developers and IT alike. 

To hear more about these and other customer stories, check out the fifteen minute video


Posted by Tim Rottach, Director of Product Line Marketing

Tim Rottach is Director of Product Line Marketing at Couchbase.

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