It’s been exciting to see the steam Couchbase Cloud has been gaining since we initially introduced it to the world earlier this year. From an oversubscribed beta program to taking home the Tech Ascension Cloud Innovation of the Year award, Couchbase Cloud is proving to be a warmly welcomed alternative to organizations’ current database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solutions. And in our current economic situation, the cost savings provided by Couchbase Cloud alone are a key reason to check it out. But let’s face it; the beauty of Couchbase Cloud is that we took the most powerful, flexible NoSQL technology in the market and made it available as a fully managed service. 

It’s Couchbase, of course, so you get the performance of an in-memory, key-value system, the schema flexibility of JSON documents, the query language familiarity of SQL in N1QL, and linear scalability matched to your favorite cloud service provider.  

We are an unusual Cloud database-as-a-service provider in that we install inside your virtual private cloud account, so you always own and control your data, wherever it resides and you always see what you’re paying for. You can pick every cluster node instance from AWS, using your discounts. And by using multidimensional scaling, you can performance-match your Couchbase services to that infrastructure. It’s all managed from a single console. 

Our cross-data center replication helps you migrate data into Couchbase cloud, across cloud regions, and eventually across cloud providers.  

Soon we’ll demonstrate how we offer the best price-performance for NoSQL systems, because we’re not only fast node-for-node, but we offer better degrees of transparency, in our licensing policies than other services. But today we want to highlight some of the reactions we’ve had to Couchbase Cloud, as one of the most impressive Cloud DBaaS offerings available.


Analysts react to our Cloud DBaaS Solution

Over the past few months, we’ve been talking to analysts, customers, and partners to provide demos and in-depth briefings, and we’ve collected a bounty of fantastic feedback. Here is a glimpse at what they had to say: 

Couchbase has a well-thought out DBaaS story. The flexible deployment options are a key point of differentiation. The centralized control plane allows the users to manage and operate their Couchbase database deployments irrespective of the public cloud vendor.”

–Sanjeev Mohan, Vice President, Gartner


Flexibility is a key driver for enterprises when it comes to moving to the cloud — flexibility with IT management, developing and testing, deployment options like multicloud, user access, and most importantly, pricing. With its dynamic pricing options and In-VPC deployment, Couchbase Cloud offers the flexibility and control that are attractive to today’s enterprises as they look to maximize their ROI while staying competitive.

–Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, IDC


 “In our 2020 Trends in Data, AI and Analytics report, we predicted a key attribute of ‘winning’ vendors are those that can deliver multi-cloud capabilities. For many organizations, the journey to the cloud is a deliberate and calculated endeavor. When considering global application deployments, multi-cloud options come more into play. The reason is that some cloud platform providers may not have a presence in all countries, so enterprises may need to rely on multiple cloud platforms to fully realize a global reach. Moreover, multi-cloud has other benefits, such as helping organizations comply with data regulations including GDPR.”

–James Curtis, Senior Analyst of Data, AI & Analytics at 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence


Customers love Couchbase Cloud DBaaS, too!

“As long-time Couchbase customers, we’ve evolved and grown our retail and logistics platform business with Couchbase. We are very pleased to see the continuous innovation from the company–from Couchbase Server to Couchbase Mobile, and now Couchbase Cloud. Couchbase Cloud availability on AWS is a perfect marriage of our NoSQL strategy with our cloud provider, AWS. We are looking forward to deploying Couchbase Cloud on AWS – enabling us to continue our global growth, maintain our reputation for rapid delivery and further reduce our operational complexity.”

— Gary O’Connor, CTO, Doddle


“Our greatest priority is always going to be developing new applications. The ease of deploying in Couchbase Cloud, from the initial implementation to spinning up more instances on-demand, coupled with the fact we can follow best practices in data management as if we were in our own datacenter, means that we can concentrate on development instead of ensuring our cloud service works the way we want it to.”

— Bala Krishna Alla, Middleware Engineer, MoneyGram International


“There is no equal to Couchbase Cloud. It has the best pricing and performance we have seen from a database-as-a-service offering.  By switching to Couchbase Cloud, we reduced cost by 10x and increased performance by 100x.”

— Scott Bradley, Principal Engineer, Facet Digital


“Couchbase Cloud shines in its ability to balance being a fully managed DBaaS offering, yet still providing the complete flexibility we expect from Couchbase, by empowering us to control our data, clusters, clouds, and cost.”

–Jordan Gillespie, Platform Engineer, NetDocuments 



As we roll out updates to Couchbase Cloud and introduce more and more organizations to this fully-managed service, we’ll continue to document feedback and share it with you. If you want to find out more about Couchbase Cloud database-as-a-service, look here, and here to request your free trial. Don’t forget to bring you AWS account. 


Posted by Jeff Morris, VP Product Marketing

Jeff Morris is VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at Couchbase. He's spent over three decades marketing software development tools, databases, analytic tools, cloud services, and other open source products. He'd be the first to tell you that anyone looking for a fast, flexible, familiar, and affordable cloud-to-edge database-as-a-service can stop looking after they check out Couchbase.

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