I am very excited to announce the release of Couchbase Analytics Developer Preview 4 (DP4). The focus of the previous release was unified administration, and we have continued to build on that theme in the latest release. DP4 offers new integrated statistics for resource utilization and bucket operations on the Couchbase web console.

DP4 also brings improved RBAC support, introducing roles tailored for users interacting with the Analytics service. Please check the release notes (available here) to see a complete list of the features that have been added in this latest preview.

Last but not least, DP4 was used to show how the Couchbase Analytics service differs from traditional data warehousing during the technical keynote at Couchbase Connect Silicon Valley.  (You can find the full keynote online here.) Based on a hypothetical CouchHealth application, the keynote’s demonstration showed off the full range of capabilities in the Couchbase data platform. Included was the Analytics-enabled ability to immediately analyze data being added, updated, and even schema-modified in real time. There was no need for any data warehouse schema design, no ETL workflow development, and no ETL batch job to modify when new fields appeared – the data just flowed and continued to flow. (Analytics brings NoETL to NoSQL. :-))

Having application data be available for analysis immediately creates many new opportunities for applications to benefit from near real-time insights.

As has been the case from its inception, Couchbase Analytics has a full MPP (massively parallel processing) based query processor that splits the work of processing a single query across all of the Analytics nodes in a Couchbase data platform cluster. This enables analytical queries to run quickly and in a scalable manner.

The combination of the immediate availability of data with the use of parallel processing allows us to reach the #1 objective for Analytics: reduced time-to-insight for the business.

You can download the newly released Developer Preview 4 of Analytics here and get started using the beer sample tutorial here.


Posted by Sachin Smotra, Director Product Management, Couchbase

Sachin Smotra’s career spans more than 15 years building software products across various domains including Java Enterprise software, DRM Solutions for mobile games and web conferencing. As Director Product Management at Couchbase, he is a hands-on product leader responsible for Couchbase Mobile, IOT and Analytics product lines including evangelizing the product strategy and vision with customers, partners, developers and analysts. Before joining Couchbase, Sachin was a Senior Manager, Product Management, at Cisco WebEx where he led the product team responsible for transforming the end to end Customer Experience across the WebEx product lifecycle - consideration, purchase, usage and renewals. Prior to his time at Cisco, Sachin worked at different startups in a multitude of roles across engineering, architecture, product management and alliances.

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