About Couchbase Ambassadors

In case you haven’t heard about the Ambassador program, let us tell you a little bit about it. The title of “Ambassador” is a special distinction that Couchbase awards to select members of the community. Ambassadors are generally experts in their fields who enjoy sharing their expertise and experience with their own communities through content creation. 

We’d love for you to join us!

We are always eager to expand our program with more Couchbase Experts! We are looking for individuals who have advanced experience with Couchbase and have an established community either through social media, blogging, videos, speaking engagements, or other avenues. 

Each application will go through a review process, which includes a short meeting with the Community Manager. We do this to understand your background better and through your own voice. 

Ready to apply? You can find the application right here >>

Not ready to apply yet? Keep reading to learn more information!

Couchbase Ambassador Mohtasham (left) stopping by the Couchbase booth at the AWS Bengalore Summit.

What does an Ambassador do?

Once you are in the program, we encourage you to engage our (and your) community in different ways. Ambassadors volunteer their precious time, so we encourage you to work on things that you are passionate about!

Generally speaking, these are some of the things our Ambassadors do: 

    • Attend and participate in Ambassador exclusive virtual events and calls, such as product briefings, beta tests, feedback sessions, etc. 
    • Create content to educate their communities about Couchbase (videos, blog posts, etc.)
    • Speak at events (summits, expos, events, even Couchbase-led events!) 
    • Share exciting Couchbase news with their communities via social media
    • Dedicate time to answer community questions on Discord, the Couchbase Forum and Stack Overflow

Couchbase Ambassador Simon giving a talk at the Couchbase Sales Kick Off.

What benefits does one get as an Ambassador?

There are some sweet benefits for Ambassadors who volunteer their time, you can see some of the below. We are also always working on more benefits to make the program more exciting to everyone. 

    • Exclusive role and super secret channel on our Discord
    • Exclusive sessions with Couchbase teams to help you learn more about our products/services
    • Free Couchbase Certification
    • Invitation to Couchbase events
    • Shoutouts on Social Media
    • and more!

Exclusive swag sent to Ambassadors.

Ready to become an Ambassador?

If all of this sounds exciting to you, and you are ready to take the next step, apply to join the program today!

The Couchbase Community Team will review your application and follow up with you shortly. We look forward to welcoming you into the program. Let’s continue to build this great community!

Not quite ready to apply yet, but eager to learn more? Join our public Discord and network with the Couchbase Community.


Posted by Caroline Kerns

Caroline Kerns is a Developer Community Manager at Couchbase with a decade of community management experience in the tech industry. She loves connecting people and has worked on various teams, where she enjoys fostering collaboration and building strong communities.

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