I’m super excited to see our Couchbase Experts and Champions presenting at this year’s Couchbase Connect Europe 2017 taking place on September 26 in Paris.

Attending Connect Europe is a great way to hear new product announcements and ask your questions directly to the experts behind the Couchbase Data Platform! This is also a great way to network and engage with Couchbase engineers and the developer community.

You’ll come away excited and eager to get involved in Couchbase and share your experience with your colleagues! Be sure to register today! I look forward to seeing you and discussing more about the Couchbase Community!

Rapid Data Modeling and Testing with Couchbase Expert Aaron Benton,an Applications Architect at Shop.com.


Have you ever spent time writing throw away code to generate or import a dataset? In this session, Aaron will cover how Market America/Shop.com uses Couchbase and Couchbase Mobile, including learnings on data modeling fundamentals and different ways to rapidly generate vast amounts of random/fake data to test models.

Seenit transforms video production with Full Text Search and machine learning with Dave Starling, our Couchbase Expert based in London and CTO at Seenit.


At Seenit, we enable our clients to power their digital transformation programs with the power of video by engaging with their communities to tell the stories that matter most. Seenit uses Couchbase’s powerful N1QL and Full Text Search engines to allow content producers to create the most effective and trustworthy content.

Our newest Community Champion Abbas Ahmed from Rentalcars.com will present on “Rentalcars.com accelerates online performance with Couchbase caching.”

Rentalcars.com has grown a lot in the past few years, especially after becoming a member of the Priceline Group. Together, we have had a chance to overcome the scalability challenges typical of the travel and leisure industry. I’ll be sharing the use cases where we found great help from including Couchbase to our stack and how it helped the core and auxiliary systems.

Want to see what other great talks are taking place? Check out the agenda here.


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Posted by Laura Czajkowski, Developer Community Manager, Couchbase

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