Over the past decade, there has been a major shift in how applications are conceived, designed, built and deployed. They look and behave completely differently than traditional ERP or CRM systems. 

Building modern apps with JSON webinar

We recently held a webinar highlighting how Couchbase is helping customers build modern applications by using flexible JSON documents and the power of SQL, with which most organizations are familiar. This post reviews key points of the webinar and shares a link to watch a replay.

Customers tell us that their modern applications can have much more complex requirements than legacy applications. To deliver great users experiences, teams need to consider three areas with modern attributes:

The experience

      • personalized and responsive (dynamic vs. static data)
      • social, collaboration, gamification interactions
      • wearable and sensor-rich
      • location and situational awareness 
      • real-time information and inventory
      • ensuring dependable transactions

Develop efficiently

      • simplify & accelerate development
      • tap my skills (SDKs and SQL)
      • support best practices
      • avoid data sprawl

Deploy effectively

      • hybrid clouds, mobile, wearables, Edge, IoT 
      • 100% uptime and global scale
      • flexible management options
      • cost-effective

Traditional relational databases are too rigid to support agile development and modern applications. A JSON document datastore is ideal for its extreme flexibility, but it makes sense to leverage the best of relational capabilities and the skillsets most developers have, like SQL. 

Flexible data modeling with JSON diagram

In the webinar, we explain how to take advantage of the flexibility of JSON and combine that with the power of relational, together in Couchbase.

Features of the webinar include: 

    • How Couchbase is helping customers speed the development and deployment of applications.
    • A demo of our database-as-a-service, Couchbase Capella.
    • An explanation of how to organize data with JSON docs, automatic sharding, ACID transactions, and using the Couchbase SDK.
    • A discussion of SQL++, index building, and full-text search.
    • Highlights of other integrated database capabilities.

JSON data modeling diagram

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Posted by Tim Rottach, Director of Product Line Marketing

Tim Rottach is Director of Product Line Marketing at Couchbase.

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