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Currently, Nowrin Anwar Joyita is working a Software Developer at Bit Quill Technologies. Prior joining to bit Quill Technologies, Nowrin spent around 2 years in Simba Technologies as a Computer Scientist. She has worked on multiple ODBC (C++) and JDBC (Java) drivers in Simba namely Athena ODBC and JDBC drivers, Couchbase ODBC and JDBC drivers, MongoDB ODBC driver, Presto JDBC driver, Drill ODBC driver.

Partner Blog Post: SQL and N1QL in Harmony: Collaborative Query Execution in Simba Couchbase Drivers

Structured Query Language (SQL) was originally designed as an intuitive query language for relational data stores. NoSQL, relatively nascent in comparison, still requires compatibility with SQL as many BI tools and applications understand it. Couchbase supports its own query language,...

June 28, 2016