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Couchbase Drives Revolutionary Customer Experiences with Latest Release of the Couchbase Data Platform

Customers cite improvements in CX, faster innovation, quicker time-to-market, and operational & infrastructure cost reduction with newest version of Couchbase Data Platform; new IDC study provides quantifiable ROI

Customers cite improvements in CX, faster innovation, quicker time-to-market, and operational & infrastructure cost reduction with newest version of Couchbase Data Platform; new IDC study provides quantifiable ROI

SAN JOSE, Calif.–Couchbase Connect, October 26, 2017-Couchbase, Inc., creator of the world’s first Engagement Database, today announced the release of the latest version of the Couchbase Data Platform with the general availability of Couchbase Server 5.0 and Couchbase Mobile 1.5. The newest release further positions the Couchbase Data Platform as the Engagement Database of choice for enterprises that endeavor to drive revolutionary customer experiences. Couchbase today also released the results of an IDC White Paper, sponsored by Couchbase and Intel, titled, “Empowering Systems of Engagement: Business Value of Couchbase NoSQL Engagement Database,” that demonstrates strong ROI impact the latest version of the Couchbase Data Platform has on enterprises worldwide, citing a 274% ROI over a five year period. More on the study can be found here.

With 89% of consumers who experience poor service with a brand leaving for a competitor, today’s enterprises are under pressure to digitally transform both their customer-facing applications and the foundation on which those applications lie. Compounding the issue is 84 percent of IT leaders have had digital projects canceled, delayed, or reduced in scope because of the limitations of their legacy database. Today’s enterprises need the agility, manageability, and performance of data management technologies that will drive revolutionary customer experiences.

Introducing the latest release of the Couchbase Data Platform

The Couchbase Data Platform delivers unparalleled performance at scale while also providing unmatched agility and manageability that today’s enterprises require to continually reinvent their customer experiences. A sampling of what’s new includes:


  • Integrated Full-text Search: allows users to build more intelligent apps that deliver richer, more engaging customer experiences. Search is now tightly integrated as a new service, which means customers can get high performance and reliability from a single platform.

  • Adaptive Indexing: enables efficient ad-hoc queries using a single composite index.

  • Seamless Data Mobility: seamlessly extends existing Couchbase deployments to the edge.


  • Fast Failover: improves failure detection by identifying fewer false positives and how long it takes to perform a node failover, which results in more reliable and predictable operations and customer experiences.

  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC): provides more complete security and regulatory compliance while simplifying security management for all users and apps across the cluster.


  • Ephemeral, In-memory Data Buckets: allow applications to maintain datasets completely in memory, resulting in more responsive applications and efficient data management with reduced infrastructure costs.

  • N1QL Query and Index Performance Enhancements: A smarter optimizer and highly performant indexer improves application response time and performance.

IDC White Paper, “Empowering Systems of Engagement: Business Value of Couchbase NoSQL Engagement Database”

In this study, IDC interviewed enterprises that deployed Couchbase NoSQL database solutions to increase the scalability and performance of business-critical applications. Study participants reported that the choice and deployment of Couchbase have enabled them to extend the reach and functionality of these applications in a cost effective and efficient manner and provided the necessary levels of performance for services that have a direct link to top-line business results.

Business value highlights by the numbers:

  • $67,487: benefits per year per database

  • 274%: five-year ROI

  • 7 months: time to payback

  • 19%: faster new development cycle

  • 40%: faster response time

  • $5.41M: additional revenue per year

  • 17%: more efficient help desk

  • 37%: more efficient database management    

Customer Success

With the Couchbase Data Platform, some of today’s most recognized brands are revolutionizing the customer experience. eBay, Staples,and Sky have seen faster, more predictable performance for improved customer experience and engagement while companies like Verizon and GE cite faster innovation and time to market. In addition, Marriott, LinkedIn, and United Airlines have seen reduction in infrastructure and operations costs, allowing them to invest those savings into customer experience transformation.


“LinkedIn has a very large Couchbase deployment in production. The new Couchbase in-memory buckets feature can help reduce the cost of deploying additional data nodes as our needs continue to grow, and new security enhancements can better protect our infrastructure.”
— Kevin Krawez, Senior Director of Site Reliability, LinkedIn

“Built for performance, agility, and manageability, the newest version of the Couchbase Data Platform is powering revolutionary customer experiences for enterprises around the world who are known for–or want to be known for–their focus on customers.  The Couchbase Data Platform, which extends all the way from the edge to the Cloud, is battle tested in mission critical deployments by some of the world’s largest enterprises, making it an easy choice for those looking for the best solution to suit their organizations’ digital transformation initiatives.”
— Ravi Mayuram, Senior Vice President of Engineering and CTO, Couchbase

“Enterprises continue to find technology that unleashes data to provide exceptional customer experience as a key way to grow their business, and we believe the right kind of database will help them achieve these goals. Engagement Database technology such as the Couchbase Data Platform is an example of the kind of technology that will drive the type of customer experience companies today need to be competitive.”
— Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, IDC

Download the latest version of the Couchbase Data Platform, which includes Couchbase Server 5.0 GA and Couchbase Mobile 1.5 GA, today.


Couchbase Server 5.0 data sheet

IDC White Paper

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