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Chatbot on Azure and Couchbase for Viber

Chatbot on Azure and Couchbase for Viber

A chatbot can be a novel way to interact with users. After writing a post introducing the basics of serverless, and also writing a post on writing Azure Functions, I decided I would try to build something a little more...

December 8, 2017

February 18: The Week in Couchbase NoSQL

Big stories and case studies coming out from Couchbase this week! See what else is happening at Couchbase: FEATURED CONTENT Presentation of the Week: Viber Replaces MongoDB with Couchbase Question of the Week: How to aggregate over multiple key/values Blog...

March 17: The Week in Couchbase NoSQL

A lot going on here at Couchbase. Follow the official handle @couchbase for the latest news as it goes live or you can find me @aobendorf. EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Couchbase Live [London] Official Hashtag: #CBliveLDN This incredible event dedicated to building, deploying and...

December 16, 2014