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EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Couchbase Live [London]

Official Hashtag: #CBliveLDN

This incredible event dedicated to building, deploying and managing NoSQL at scale is gaining traction – and quickly at that.

James Governor of Red Monk has officially been announced as a participant in the panel discussion along with representatives from industry leaders Concur, Ticketmaster, Picsolve, Viber and Amadeus. 

One of the themes that will be covered at the conference will be the hot topic of scalability in NoSQL.  Use cases will include how one company significantly reduced TCO while increasing scalability by migrating off Oracle relational databases to Couchbase Server.  Another use case will show how a NoSQL architecture of 250 servers dedicated to Mongo + Redis were replaced by 120 Couchbase Servers — that provide better scalability and manageability.

Today the 50% discount code was announced on Twitter – follow @couchbase to locate the code. 

Click here to register now for Couchbase Live [London]


This week’s blog features content from DZone’s Alec Noller on Couchbase Lite and independent Azure/Couchbase blogger David Ostrovsky. In addition, you can read about releases from our very own SDK Engineer Michael Nitschinger with the Couchbase Spring Data Project and partner Kurobase with more details on the Heroku buildpack release as well as New Relic Instrumentation.

External Blogs

Alec Noller from @DZone takes a dive into syncing with Couchbase Mobile in this brilliant post:

Independent blogger @David Ostrovsky posts another stellar blog on his CodeHard blog page, Couchbase on Azure:


Thanks to SDK Engineer Michael Nitschinger, we are excited to announce the 1.0 GA release of the Couchbase Spring Data module!

Kurobase, Heroku, New Relic + Couchbase: This week Couchbase partner Kurobase released a Heroku Buildpack for Couchbase in addition to New Relic Instrumentation. Read about the release and get started today.




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