I’m starting to get asked by customers and partners, “When is the next Couchbase Connect conference? I want to save the date.”  Well, I have good news! 

Couchbase Connect will be held in early Spring of 2023.  To maximize audience availability, Connect 2023 will be a global virtual conference with content and keynotes from Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Achieve escape velocity

Our theme is how organizations are achieving Escape Velocity with Couchbase. 

In rocket engineering, escape velocity is the speed needed for an object to escape the gravitational influence of a primary body, such as a planet, star, or moon. For Couchbase, escape velocity is the speed and energy needed for organizations to attain their digital transformation goals. This means breaking free from the gravitational constraints imposed by: existing system limitations, user behaviors, team skills, architectures, operating costs, cloud migration, feature requirements, performance and availability expectations, or mobility and edge deployment challenges.

Call For Presentations: join us and share your project stories

We will be announcing the call for presentations soon. If you would like to present at this event, start mapping out the trajectory of your story now. Connect 2023 is the perfect event for application developers, mobile developers, system architects and DevOps engineers who recognize that distributed, multimodel NoSQL databases like Couchbase can make or break your application.

Couchbase Connect 2023 will surely be a great event. We are excited to see you there as an audience member or presenter.

In the meantime

After you save the date, check out the following to stay current with Couchbase news:


Posted by Jeff Morris, VP Product Marketing

Jeff Morris is VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at Couchbase. He's spent over three decades marketing software development tools, databases, analytic tools, cloud services, and other open source products. He'd be the first to tell you that anyone looking for a fast, flexible, familiar, and affordable cloud-to-edge database-as-a-service can stop looking after they check out Couchbase.

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