The database is the backbone of modern applications. Without one, you wouldn’t be able to book your summer vacation, check your credit score, order that new top you’ve been eyeing, stream your favorite show– the applications are endless. At Couchbase, we take pride in delivering a high-performing, flexible and scalable database that can run anywhere from cloud to edge to help our customers deliver the best experiences to their customers. 

During our recent fourth quarter and fiscal 2022 earnings call, we talked through several customer wins, demonstrating how Couchbase powers a variety of modern applications across different industries. Below are the customer highlights from the call, along with further Q4 customer stories that we’re thrilled to share. 

Let’s start with customers who are modernizing in the cloud by selecting our fully managed database-as-a-service, Couchbase Capella

  • Anteraja, an Indonesian logistics company, was looking to replace PostgreSQL and selected Couchbase Capella over MongoDB due to our platform’s superior performance and scalability in a head-to-head comparison. Couchbase will power its end-to-end logistics management, from order packing, shipping confirmation, package tracking and order delivery.
  • Five9, is a leading provider of cloud contact center software. As part of their continued global expansion and growth, Five9 needed a more modern database that could handle the massive performance scalability required to continue to deliver the high quality of experience its customers are used to. Five9 chose Couchbase Capella because of our superior performance delivered in the convenience of a service.
  • A global communications API company expanded their Couchbase estate while transitioning their consumption to Capella. Capella on AWS supports real-time communication, session management, and recording SMS messages for this company’s clients. This customer credits the scalability, availability, and performance of Couchbase as the reason for increasing their Couchbase investment.

Next, we were excited to welcome these additional new customers to Couchbase: 

  • Caisse Nationale des Allocations Familiales (CNAF), the family branch of the French social security system, selected Couchbase to accelerate its application modernization. Couchbase will serve as the system of record for CNAF’s programs, which provide assistance and funds supporting families and low income individuals in their daily lives. The CNAF development team can develop faster with Couchbase and credits the familiarity and power of our query language SQL++ and our integrated platform capabilities, specifically full text search, among the reasons for selecting us as their partner in their modernization journey.
  • Dow Chemical, along with the Accenture Manufacturing team, selected Couchbase to power its Connect Field Professional modern mobile application, which streamlines and improves the workflow and experience of Dow colleagues working in a manufacturing environment. Couchbase was selected due to the maturity of our differentiated mobile product set, our offline capability and overall vision for mobile computing.
  • A G2K leading multinational investment bank and financial services company selected Couchbase to power its proprietary mobile platform, which provides its institutional clients with key investment features all on their mobile devices. This business-critical application required a very high performance and scalable database given the wide-ranging and fast pace of the investment and financial landscape. Our ability to enable secure data access and synchronization seamlessly from cloud to edge with Couchbase Mobile was a key differentiating factor for this customer. 

And finally, it’s always terrific to see long-time customers continue to grow and expand with us: 

  • A Fortune 500 shipping and logistics company significantly expanded its more than five-year partnership with Couchbase. This customer relies on Couchbase for numerous  mission critical applications, many of which require global availability, sub-millisecond response times, and zero downtime.

Our team continues to be motivated by customer success, and we rally around Our Value of Attacking Hard Problems, Driven by Customer Outcomes. We are courageous and innovative, satisfy unmet and underserved needs, deliver technical excellence and honesty, and enable transformation for customers. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can build mission-critical modern applications on Couchbase, be sure to try our 30 day free trial of Couchbase Capella. Additional customer stories can be found on our customer case study page.


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