Today’s high-tech leaders have embraced next-generation database technology to build and run modern web, mobile, and IoT applications. Legacy technologies, including relational databases, are unable to keep up with the challenges in meeting the performance, scalability, availability, agility, and affordability requirements of their applications. This is why hundreds of companies in the high-tech space choose Couchbase for their mission critical applications.

Some common use cases in the high-tech industry include IoT data management and field service. For IoT data management, companies leverage connected devices to deliver content, personalized offers, and more in real time. Field service focuses on providing employees the ability to do their job in person, anywhere, at any time. Addressing both of these use cases was critical to Quantic’s success.

Applications scaling faster than the database could handle

Quantic is a fast-growing startup on a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses streamline their operations by using a full-featured cloud-based point of sale (POS) platform. As Quantic’s business expanded to hundreds of clients, its applications needed to scale beyond the capabilities of the existing database. Quantic needed to provide customers with real-time sync capabilities that its database didn’t support. And Quantic was also dealing with unplanned downtime that impacted the experience of its clients and clients’ customers.

After a competitive evaluation, Quantic selected Couchbase Capella™ DBaaS on AWS for a simple yet powerful way to keep pace with an expanding number of customers, products, and features. Capella provides high performance, superior multi-dimensional scalability, and a flexible NoSQL architecture that developers found familiar and easy to use – with automatic offline sync capabilities and an always-on experience for users.

“Building a database to support our needs in-house was out of the question because of the required costs, time, and talent,” said Vigyan Kaushik, Co-founder and CEO at Quantic. “After spending time with Couchbase Capella, it was easy to nail it down as our primary solution. Capella’s impressive price performance and unique edge capabilities give our developer team a more agile experience and allow our clients’ applications to remain synced, even during internet outages.”

Saving priceless developer time, with increased performance

After adopting Capella, Quantic saw an immediate impact on its business. “Capella provides better price performance,” said  Arnav Kaushik, Technical Director at Quantic. “If we had to make our own solution from scratch, the investment would be significant. The database, syncing, and storage cost wouldn’t be worth it for a business trying to scale. We didn’t want to spend priceless developer time when a better solution is already available.”

Quantic offers a POS Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and a variety of processor-agnostic software solutions for white-label partnerships across many industries including hospitality, retail, financial services and more. Customers receive an omnichannel experience, connecting front and back ends, without binding contracts or hidden fees. Quantic’s applications are built into multiple clusters and servers based on customer locations, ensuring a high level of reliability and availability.

“The bigger we grow, the bigger the workloads that Couchbase will be managing for us,” said Vigyan Kaushik. “Capella can withstand this increased load and scale, and it’s in our best interest to continue building this partnership for the long term. We’re excited for the future.”


Posted by Matt Spillar - Product Marketing Manager

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