With the new year comes new events, webinars, and content. Here’s what’s coming up this week in Couchbase:


  • Blog of the Week: Joining Couchbase
  • Download of the Week: KuroBase/Couchbase enabled Heroku Buildpacks for Ruby and NodeJS
  • Question of the Week: How to add local javascript function libraries


Watch past webinars:


  • January 21: Couchbase [Tokyo] user conference
  • February 4: Couchbase [TLV] user conference



Posted by Ali LeClerc, Product Marketing Manager, Mobile, Couchbase

Ali LeClerc is the Product Marketing Manager for Couchbase Mobile, where she manages and executes the worldwide marketing strategy for their mobile products. She joined Couchbase in 2011 to drive open source product adoption and awareness. Prior to her time at Couchbase, Ali held multiple marketing positions at Time Warner. She earned a bachelor's degree from Yale University in political science.

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