After many months of hard work running up to our launch, writing this blog entry is the very last item on my pre-launch to-do list. We just walked out of our “go/no-go” meeting on the software and we’re ready to roll. It’s hard to believe we’re finally here.

And though I’ve been here many times before, there is always “that feeling” (nausea?) when standing on the brink of a big product announcement. Will customers find value in what we’re doing? Will they like our products? Will people show up to our website? We have worked hard to ensure the answers to each of these questions are positive, but you can never be sure until you hang it out there. And, if you are reading this, hang it out there we have : ). Our website is full of information about NorthScale – who we are, what problem we are solving, how we’ve attacked it, and how to get your hands on our solution. Rather than regurgitate what you can easily read elsewhere on this site, I’ll try to make my blog more personal. It will be a place to provide color commentary and insight into the rationale behind our decisions. Ultimately, coming to market is about being able to meaningfully engage users. There is no doubt that we have missed the mark in areas (else we aren’t taking enough risks); where that is true, we want to hear about it, learn from it and adjust course. I encourage comments, questions or concerns. I’d love to talk with anyone, anytime, about what we’re doing here at NorthScale; and how we can be doing it better.


Posted by James Phillips

James Phillips is a co-founder, CEO, CSO at Couchbase. James Phillips has more than 20 years of software industry experience. James started his career writing software for the Apple II and TRS-80 microcomputer platforms.

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