I just started as a Developer Advocate at Couchbase, so let me tell you a little about myself. I’ve been coding since the early 2000s, mainly as a web developer. I live in Grove City, Ohio, which is a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. When I’m not doing something development-related, I’m spending time with my family, playing video games, and watching TV.

Before coming to Couchbase, I had always enjoyed interacting with the developer community in my spare time: writing blog posts, making screencasts, speaking at conferences, and so on. Now, with Couchbase, I can do those things full time!

One of the challenges I’m facing is that I have a lot of learning and catching up to do with the Couchbase technology. I’ve been using relational databases almost exclusively for my entire career. I’ve mainly used SQL Server (starting with SQL Server 2000) and I’ve also used Oracle, MySQL, and SQLite. I’ve always been curious about non-relational databases, and now I have a chance to explore them in-depth!

I consider myself an explorer of technologies of all kinds, but my career has mainly been steeped in Microsoft technologies: .NET and C#, and I’ve even managed to earn the Microsoft MVP award a few times. So, my focus will be on reaching out to other Microsoft developers.

If that’s you, then now it’s your turn. Tell me a little about yourself! I’d especially like to hear from you if you think there is anything that Couchbase can do to make your development experience easier, or if you have a success story involving Couchbase (or other NoSQL technologies). I’m just starting out, so if you have a tough technical question, I may need to refer you to someone else. But I’ll do my best to get your questions answered no matter what! If you’re near Central Ohio, I’d be happy to meet with you or your team in person. Otherwise, you can reach out to me over the internet:


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Matthew D. Groves is a guy who loves to code. It doesn't matter if it's C#, jQuery, or PHP: he'll submit pull requests for anything. He has been coding professionally ever since he wrote a QuickBASIC point-of-sale app for his parent's pizza shop back in the 90s. He currently works as a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Couchbase. His free time is spent with his family, watching the Reds, and getting involved in the developer community. He is the author of AOP in .NET, Pro Microservices in .NET, a Pluralsight author, and a Microsoft MVP.

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