Couchbase’s mission is to simplify how developers and architects develop, deploy and consume modern applications wherever they are. We’re thrilled to share some of the exciting customer momentum we saw in our third quarter fiscal 2023 with our cloud database platform Capella, providing organizations a faster, more flexible way to deliver premium experiences to their customers.

We highlighted a handful of our new customer logos and expansions from the quarter during our most recent earnings call, which you can read about below. You can also check out our financial and business highlights here and catch a replay of our Q3 fiscal 2023 earnings call here.

Couchbase customer highlights Q3 fiscal year 2023:

A new Capella customer and logo in the quarter is a market leader in secure API connectivity for financial institutions. This customer was interested in migrating its on-premises applications to the cloud. They needed a high-performance database-as-a-service and after experiencing the operational and financial value of Capella, this customer will be consolidating three other NoSQL cloud databases to Capella. This database consolidation trend speaks to both the breadth of Capella’s multi-model capabilities and the best-in-class price performance that we offer customers.

Another Capella win for us this quarter was Nobel Systems, an industry leader in Geospatial Services. Nobel Systems initially selected Couchbase to power its GeoViewer Mobile product which leverages smart-map and synchronization technology and requires our offline syncing capabilities. In order to reduce time spent on managing the database and gain cost efficiencies, Nobel Systems is migrating its modern application to Capella and App Services. 

Yapstone, a global provider of digital payment solutions and processing, migrated from our Enterprise Edition to Capella. Yapstone initially began with our core platform because it needed a fast and flexible database to power its profile management application and deliver a premium experience to its customers. For this customer, the big driver to embrace and double down on Capella was the lower total cost of ownership and overall efficiency. Of note, this win was driven through their executive management team, signifying that the value and cost-efficiency of Capella are resonating at the executive level.

Another Capella migration this quarter was French route planning and optimization software company, Mapotempo by Woop. This customer initially selected Couchbase due to the strength of our Mobile offering because its application had to be always fast and always on for customers, even when internet connectivity was spotty on the road. Modernizing to a database-as-a-service for greater agility, flexibility and cost efficiency became a top priority for this customer and in Q3, Mapotempo by Woop significantly grew their investment with us in Capella and App Services. This migration allowed them to achieve greater operational and financial benefits while keeping its modern application fast and connected to the right data anywhere, without managing backend servers or infrastructure.

We had a significant new customer win with one of India’s most trusted and reputed business conglomerates in the quarter. This new customer creates consumer-focused, high-engagement digital products that address the needs of Indian consumers and businesses, including an app that offers an integrated rewards experience across various consumer categories. They needed a database platform that could not only deliver the highest performance and scale for its millions of customers, but that could also offer the critical mobile device sync capability, so it could service customers anywhere, regardless of their smartphones’ internet speed or connectivity. They chose Couchbase for our premium capabilities and compelling value.

In Q3, we also saw many great expansions from existing customers, including one of the largest airlines in the world. This customer relies on Couchbase Mobile to ensure its tablet based pre-flight check process works reliably regardless of internet connectivity to streamline operations and minimize flight delays. Over the last year as demand for travel has increased, this customer has grown its use of Couchbase to further enhance one of the airline industry’s best on-time and safety records, all with a top-tier customer experience.

We could not be more grateful for our amazing customers and are excited to keep making tomorrow better than today for these organizations. 

Want to learn more about how you can build your own modern applications on Couchbase? Try our 30 day free trial of Couchbase Capella. And check out our customer case study page to see more of what our customers are doing with Couchbase.


Posted by Daniela Chesser, Senior Customer Marketing Manager

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