Tune into this The Cloud Pod episode focused on the topic of NoSQL and how Couchbase has moved the needle on the state of the art. Listen to Couchbase CTO, Ravi Mayuram, share his observations and insights.

“Couchbase set out to build a next-generation database. Data has evolved greatly with IT advancements. The goal was to build a database that will connect people to the newer technologies, addressing problems that relational systems did not have to solve. The fundamental shift is that earlier systems were internally focused, built for trained users but now the systems are built directly for consumers. This shift also plays out in the vast difference in the number of consumers now interacting with these systems compared to the fewer trained users previously interacting with the systems.”

TCP-Talks: Evolution of NoSQL with Couchbase CTO, Ravi Mayuram

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Posted by Tyler Mitchell - Product Marketing

Works as Senior Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase, helping bring knowledge about products into the public limelight while also supporting our field teams with valuable content. His personal passion is all things geospatial, having worked in GIS for half his career. Now AI and Vector Search is top of mind.

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