Today we are releasing version 2.1.4 of the Couchbase .NET SDK. This release focuses on bug fixes and other improvements; however, 2.2.0 which will be released early this fall will provide full support for Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS) and N1QL support along with “enhanced” durability and other features.


This release offers beta support for N1QL and partially supports MDS; in order to use N1QL and MDS together a single Couchbase Server 4.0 Beta (or soon RC) instance with the following services configured: Data, Indexing and Query. Cluster support for MDS is not yet available with this SDK release, however it will be in 2.2.0.

What is in this release?

2.1.4 includes the following Jira tickets:


  • [NCBC-925] – .NET Client 2.1.1 leaks connections when bucket does not exist
  • [NCBC-934] – GetFromReplica returns null when no replicas exist in the replica list
  • [NCBC-940] – Client receives “Cluster does not support Data Services” when Cannot Resolve Node Name
  • [NCBC-941] – N1QL Request Timeout is missing from QueryClient
  • [NCBC-948] – Corrected errors when running N1QL queries as bare (ad hoc) strings
  • [NCBC-956] – Fix exception when decoding char type
  • [NCBC-962] – Queries are not successful after rebalance swap of a query node
  • [NCBC-968] – NRE when master node cannot be obtained during Observe
  • [NCBC-970] – Make default view timeout consistent with other SDK's
  • [NCBC-972] – High latency on async set with persistence to master


  • [NCBC-434] – add feature test ensuring that E2BIG is returned on append above 20MB
  • [NCBC-949] – Unit test cleanup and refactoring
  • [NCBC-955] – Add option to affect operation flags with value formatting


A special thanks to the following contributors who submitted pull-requests included in this release:

How to get it

The SDK is available for download directly, through NuGet, or by cloning and pulling the Github repo:

  • Download the binaries here.
  • The NuGet package can be found here.
  • The Github repo is here.


Posted by Jeff Morris, Senior Software Engineer, Couchbase

Jeff Morris is a Senior Software Engineer at Couchbase. Prior to joining Couchbase, Jeff spent six years at Source Interlink as an Enterprise Web Architect. Jeff is responsible for the development of Couchbase SDKs and how to integrate with N1QL (query language).

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