**Originally published by Dhaval Jagani, Principal Enterprise Architect, Infosys**

CPG & Retail industries are the most disruptive and amongst an early adopter of technology due to the nature of the industry – they are consumer focused and highly competitive. As a part of the supply chain life cycle – the handshake between the CPG and Retail firms is extremely critical. The sale of products by the CPG firms to the Retail firms is through the on field sales representatives. My experience was around developing a mobile strategy for a CPG giant in Midwest.

The field sales agents typically work on collecting orders from the retail stores / warehouses which are deemed as their consumers. In the digital world, these orders are collected on their handheld devices (mobiles/ tablets). Each sales agent would service multiple customers in a specific geography and the products that they are entitled to sell in the geography. Product pricing (base price and any custom) and promotions are also essential for them to conduct the sale.

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Couchbase Mobile Field Service Solution for a CPG Enterprise




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