The Couchbase Lite Viewer lets you inspect the documents in Couchbase Lite databases. In this screencast, you’ll learn how to use it when developing an iOS or Android application. This tool is particularly useful to browse existing documents, insert new ones and display the soft deletions. We’ll consider a todo list application and explore the following:

  1. Install the Couchbase Lite Viewer
  2. iOS: Use the App Browser to open a particular Database
  3. iOS: Make modifications in the App and see results update in the Viewer
  4. Android: Locate and copy the .cblite file with ADB commands
  5. Android: Open the .cblite file in the Viewer

Find the code for this lesson

For Android only

To navigate in the filesystem of the emulator or device:

Use the pull command with your application’s package name to copy them to the host filesystem:


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James Nocentini is the Technical Writer in charge of the documentation for Couchbase Mobile. Previously, he worked as a Developer Advocate and before that as a front-end developer for HouseTrip. He also enjoys writing Android tutorials for in his spare time.

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