Just recently we released the first GA version of Couchbase Kafka Connector. It provides functionality to direct stream of events from Couchbase Server (3.0 or later) to Kafka. More info is on the documentation page. Its issue tracker is located on our JIRA.

Note that the interface the connector is using at Couchbase Server is experimental at the moment, but on a track to be supported soon.

Getting it

You can find the project source code on github. The developer previews were available through our own maven repository, the GA artifacts are available on maven central. Here are the coordinates:

Group ID: com.couchbase.client

Artifact ID: kafka-connector

Version: 1.0.0

If you are using gradle, paste this to your build.gradle:

For maven POM files:

Please post any feedback here or to the Couchbase Forums!


Posted by Sergey Avseyev, SDK Engineer, Couchbase

Sergey Avseyev is a SDK Engineer at Couchbase. Sergey Avseyev is responsible for development of Kafka connector, and underlying library, which implements DCP, Couchbase replication protocol. Also maintaining PHP SDK for Couchbase.

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