The Couchbase developer community is growing,  and as it grows our community continues to change we need to know what people are looking for. This makes it a good time to find out more about how people want our community to work.

I would love to know  what you’re thinking! For example, maybe you’d like to see more workshops in cities near you or perhaps you’d prefer to see more sample apps that show how to tackle a particular use case? I would love to sit down with everyone but that’s not possible, unfortunately, so the next best thing is to ask you to take a few moments to fill in a short survey.

This will help me and the Developer Advocacy team make the Couchbase community a rewarding experience for everyone. And, if that’s not enough, all entries will be submitted for a draw to win a $500  Amazon voucher!


Posted by Laura Czajkowski, Developer Community Manager, Couchbase

Laura Czajkowski is the Snr. Developer Community Manager at Couchbase overseeing the community. She’s responsible for our monthly developer newsletter.

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