Many of us from Couchbase will be at
the Silicon Valley Code Camp (SVCC) hosted in San Jose,
California, at the Evergreen Valley College. If you’re
unfamiliar with the SVCC, it is a free community driven event where
developers have the opportunity to learn from other developers in the field. The topics can range anywhere from
NoSQL, to tips for getting through a software engineering interview. There are 192 sessions in total making it
a pretty busy weekend.

Myself and other members of Couchbase will be speaking on a very diverse set of topics. Our sessions include
the following:

Our own, Arun Gupta, will be leading a workshop the Friday prior to the event. It is titled
Docker and Kubernetes Workshop.

Couchbase is a sponsor of the Silicon Valley Code Camp, so please stop by our table and ask us a ton of questions.
We’d love to answer any questions you might have.

During the event you can reach me over Twitter for any questions
you might have. They could be as simple as what room we’re presenting in, or a question regarding
something else, like why is Couchbase so easy to use.

In any case, if you’re in the area we highly recommend you show up to this event. Code Camps are an incredible
way to learn about new technology and best practices. Specially with a price tag of FREE.


Posted by Nic Raboy, Developer Advocate, Couchbase

Nic Raboy is an advocate of modern web and mobile development technologies. He has experience in Java, JavaScript, Golang and a variety of frameworks such as Angular, NativeScript, and Apache Cordova. Nic writes about his development experiences related to making web and mobile development easier to understand.

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